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Rheumatoid Arthritis Sucks
…But Life Still Rocks! Kim launched her blog today with a wonderful post on “those” people. Please welcome Kim to the RA blogosphere!

Gentle Hugs Cafe
An Autoimmune Disease Resource Site. Since February, Sarah has been putting together a lot of information on alternative treatments. Anyone who is interested in this topic should definitely take a closer look at her blog!

Life Is Going To Be OK!
Stephanie too has been blogging since February (I just found her on Facebook), and adds a fresh and energetic voice to the world of RA bloggers!

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  1. Linda C

    I can’t get over how many young people are writing blogs about arthritis, RA and other Autoimmune Diseases. My daughter-in-law was first diagnosed with something when she was 10, now at 44 has so many things to contend with. Lupus, etc. She never complains. I have told her about the different blogs and support groups, but that’s not her “cup of tea”.

    I am always willing to listen, so if any of you youngin’ need a old lady to talk to, I’m here.

  2. kertslittlebird

    Just spent a few hours looking over the new sites. Thanks for the break from laundry. I found them interesting.

  3. Post
    RA Guy

    I get so happy whenever I find another RA blog, whether it’s been going for years or whether is just started yesterday. All of our voices are so important.

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