Marisol Maldonado: Her Diamonds By Rob Thomas

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Alternative rock musician Rob Thomas is both the lead singer of the band Matchbox Twenty and a solo recording artist. His most recent album – Cradlesong – was released just last month.

Rob Thomas has been married to Puerto Rican American model Marisol Maldonado for almost ten years. Marisol lives with a rare autoimmunity disorder that is similar to Lupus. “Her Diamonds”, the lead single on this latest album, shares the story of the couple’s battle against this autoimmune disease.

The album’s first single, the kaleidoscopic “Her Diamonds,” is the most personal song Thomas has yet committed to disc. Rob’s wife Marisol is courageously battling an autoimmune disease, and “Her Diamonds” was written “about a couple dealing with that on a day-to-day basis,” explains Thomas. “There’s an incredible amount of sadness that comes with something like that. There are moments where I think I flirted with a thinner personal line than I’ve ever done before, but, really, I’m writing a song about how people deal with hard times, and that hard time is universal, that hard time can be anything.”

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  2. radioactive tori

    When I first heard this song, I cried. Rob Thomas was very important to me in my cancer journey his music really helped me, and once I heard this song I felt another bond with him. I don’t know him but he seems like a wonderful husband to care so much about his wife and to be able to express himself and his feelings like this.

  3. Sandi

    I also have a rare autoimmune disease, dermatomyositis, I would like to know more about Rob Thomas’s wife’s autoimmune disease.
    As much as I don’t wish this disease on anyone, we need someone in the spot light to be affected by it, so it can gain some attention and much needed funds for research. There are several forms of,
    polymyositis, dermatomyositis, inclusion body myositis and juvenille dermatomyositis. They are all incurable, some can be fatal but all are very rare, dermatomyositis afflicts 1 in every 50,000 people. If anyone can give me any information about her disease I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you

  4. Violet

    Amazing song… had heard it before but never truly “heard” the words and the association until today. I too have something similar to lupus but they haven’t nailed it down yet after 15 years. Kudos to you, Rob… for being such a caring hubby, and for letting the rest of us know we (and our significant others) are not alone.

  5. Susan Lydic

    After hearing Rob’s song for the very first time and it didn’t bring tears to my eyes but it did open them, wide!
    I suffer (shingles that irreparably damaged two nerves from the left of my spine around to the front, about a 4″ wide area around my torso, basically the bra line); Fibromyalgia; Osteoarthritis; Degenerative Disk Disease; Degenerative Joint Disease; clinical depression (hmmm, I wonder why?); and now ANA on my blood test came back positive, for the first time in 10 years, which is how long I’ve been dealing with ALL of these. Of course they still don’t know WHICH autoimmune disease I have, they can just tell me the ones that I DON’T have, yea! However, two things began rather suddenly around the same time that my ANA came back positive. My very long straight hair started to grow in naturally curly, first it was a small patch between the two crowns on my head, then it just starting growing that way all over. At this same time I started loosing teeth. They were cracking, breaking, coming out without the root, all of this with no sign of decay and I don’t grind my teeth and because of a right jaw problem and surgery on the jaw, my teeth didn’t even meet properly. Does anyone have any idea about the tooth loss thing. When the fron part of one of my front teeth broke off it didn’t look like “normal” tooth pulp – it looked shriveled, brown and dying or dead. I have no idea if there is any correlation, but it was worth a try to see if anyone else maybe new what could be going on.
    I am in chronic pain; I have a high pain tolerance and a I tolerance to some pain medications (which I have never abused or gotten addicted to) I’ve been on what I like to call: The Pharmaceutical Merry-go-round!
    Oh, did I forget to tell you that I was a Registered Nurse, a computer graphic design artist; retail buyer; and a few others down the line – and I’m only 51 years old just this August! All of this crap started when I was 40 years old.
    I have a very supportive husband and mother; both of whom believe that I DO have these diseases and issues; however I have other family members that think I’m a “malingerer”!
    I now receive Social Security, after 5 years and 5 applications, they finally took pity on me and put me as “permanently disabled” – I don’t like the title any more than the next person, but there it is, in BLACK and WHITE so to speak!

  6. Shelly

    The video was nice, I recognized the font from that site 🙂 thanks for sharing that info too. I like the message in the song, because it’s so true for so many they see it, but they feel helpless in what to do to help. We feel so alone, and we really need reassurance in knowing our loved ones are there for us. I have a girlfriend with the same things I have wrong with me (auto immune…LUPUS, FIBROMYALGIA, ARTHRITIS, the list goes on… and that is the only one close to me that really knows what I am truly going through. My husband, mom, friends I think doubt me and that is the hardest part of having these “illnesses, and diseases”.

    “Susan” you might know by now there has been some time that has passed since you wrote your blog here, but it’s the Lupus that is attacking your gums. That says to me your really not doing good the auto immune is really attacking you. I have the gum receding and my teeth are chipping. I can recommend using IPSAB tooth paste found at a health food store..don’t settle for anything else. It’s in Edgar Cayce’s reading… Also get Cell Salts from the health food store in “Silica” it’s good for hair and nails. My hair went curly too I thought it was from taking Accutane (bad acne medicine). Detox your organs. All the hype on Vitamin D3 def…is brought on by a detox liver. For strong bone…Bone Tone by Solaray…health food store. My dog broke her leg the body was absorb the bone so they wanted to take the leg off this regrew it. I have proof 🙂 the vets were amazed. Great stuff it’s for humans. OK I could write a book on what I know…still learning 🙂

    Best wishes for all dealing with this hell.

  7. marianne debonis

    This is why I fell in love with Rob Thomas many years ago. He was the inspiration for me to look for a man who knows why love is. And guess what i found him. This irony of this is that I just found out that I have a rare autoimmune disease that I have been battling for some years and did not know it. I had felt like I was crazy when the doctors could not diagnos the problem. However i am on the way to mending now that I know the problem. Thank you Rob and Mari for your great love! You are a true inspiration to Dan and me.


  8. Lynnette Satterfield

    Does Marisol Maldonado have Stills Disease? It is very closely related to Lupus.I can’t find anything with specific diagnosis for her, but if she did she could help the stills disease community which I am part of. Any way to find out if that’s what she has? I am making it my life work to bring awareness about the ugliness of this disease, having a celebrity who has it would help a lot.

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