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A bitter pill: Price of biologic drugs often too high for poor, ill seniors who need them

“For people with serious diseases like cancer and arthritis, these drugs are often their last hope,” said Schumer, who plans another try when the bill hits the Senate floor. “To not price them fairly, at the behest of the brand-name drug industry, is outrageous.

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Consumer Groups Threaten To Withdraw Biologics Bill Support

In all frankness, we cannot be supportive of any generic biologics legislation that would be an empty promise to the Americans we represent and serve,” the letter said. The letter, signed by AARP, the Consumers Union, the Coalition for a Competitive Pharmaceutical Market and other groups, was sent to House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Rep. Henry Waxman, D.-Calif.

The letter, also signed by the Generic Pharmaceutical Association, urges Congress to “reject the fatally flawed” biologics legislation proposed by Rep. Anna Eshoo, D.-Calif., and criticizes biologics legislation passed in a Senate committee earlier this week. Eshoo wasn’t immediately available to comment.

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For some background on the battle of the exclusivity period of biologics that is currently taking place in the U.S. Congress (thing are currently moving in favor of the Biotech and pharmaceutical industries), take a look at my post of last week: The Battle Over Biologics.

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  1. Helen

    One of the most discouraging, depressing and painful periods in recent memory was my four weeks without coverage of Enbrel after I graduated (I eventually got temporary government assistance). I could hardly walk or dress myself, let alone gather the energy to make it through a job interview. These drugs are lifelines to so many people, and yet they are so far out of reach. After those four weeks I can only imagine what it’s like to have to live without something you KNOW is the difference between a productive life and a life spent in pain and isolation.

  2. tessie

    Gotta love that your super-powers extend to putting together such a rich blog post that I can now clear half of my “healthcare reform” bookmark folder.

    Currently, I am on Humira injections twice monthly. My doctor wants me to now go on Orencia infusions, or what I like to call “$$$$$”. I also, for the time being, have fabulous insurance so when I say how very much I hate being a part of this multi-billion dollar industry, it is not because it is costing me. It is because this is a prime example of how out of hand the whole medical industry is at this time. It is because, due to an agreement between two profit-based, greed-driven, sickness-promoting INDUSTRIES, the answers to quality of life issues are used to advance the INDUSTRY and not the consumer. This industry produces profits, not care.

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