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During the first three months of writing this blog, I received blog comments from three other guys who live with RA. During this past week alone, I received blog comments from another three guys who live with RA.

It’s so nice to continue to meet other men who are also living with rheumatoid arthritis!

For my original blog post on this topic please read XY With RA!

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  1. Phillip Hartsoe

    Iv’e been with RA for over 15 years. Sad to say i am lossing my ability to open and shut my hands …Right hand is the worrse. They now are trying a new drug called…Rex…something ornother.
    I hope it stops the pain.

  2. Holly

    I just wanted to telll you about my paternal Uncle Albert he was really funny and loved to laugh. He also ahd RA and had just about every other joint replaced and was confined to a wheel chair.

    As a child this was not scary or different for me it was just uncle Albert. He died before he was 40, I was14 at the time. Forward to me @ 27 being DXw/ RA = terrified becuase Uncle Albert in a whellchair is now a possible reality. He lived the best way he could with the treatments availible then.
    Now research really has come a long way. I just hope there’s a treatment that’s gonna work for my friend Eric, as he has been on this trip for over a year now w/ no relife from any thing and is now on Humira. We are praying.

  3. Ernie

    I have been dealing for 5 years and also a man. Dealing with RA is no laughing matter if not treated can cause severe complications I have been on lots of medications and slowly getting off the steriods. But now the RA has osteosarthritis of the right hip. So good luck to you all dealing with this disease.

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