Elimination Diet: Less Is More

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy was surprised at the number of private replies that he received yesterday, in response the Sunday Break post which mentioned that he was on an elimination diet. As I complete my first month with these dietary restrictions, I realize that I have never written much about this issue, other than an occasion reference here and there. So I thought it might use today’s post to go into a little more detail.

Plus, I think it would be nice if we could have one public conversation that we could all benefit from, instead of a collection of separate private conversations. (Although, if someone still feels shy, please feel to still private message me.)

I started this elimination diet a month ago for two reasons.

The first was that I had just gone into another major flare. On top of months of physical therapy and acupuncture, I was also nearing close to three months of Arava – and had already been on Prednisone for a few days. To be honest, I was getting impatient. Even though I had experienced a slight uphill improvement over the past couple of months, here I was – once again – dealing with intense pain and inflammation.

I felt a little exasperated.  In addition to the above treatment items, I was doing my yoga routine as frequently as possible. I was writing on my blog every day about my experiences. I was visiting my psychologist once a week. “What more could I possibly do?” I thought to myself, “I’m already doing everything that I possibly can.”
I then told myself that there was always something else that I could try, even though I might feel like I had already run out of options.

“Diet!” entered my head.

A few years ago, when I stopped taking my methotrexate, I immediately started a gluten-free diet. I improved almost overnight. I’m not saying it was all due to the diet, as I think that finally stopping a medicine that clearly was not cooperating with my body helped as well. But I started to learn the ins and outs of gluten-free eating, and I loved it. This change seemed to be working in my favor.

I once even spent a month in Paris while on this diet. Luckily I found some small organic grocery stores that had a wonderful selection of gluten-free products…far above and beyond anything that I have encountered in the United States to this day. I walked home a happy camper, with my personal basket cart on wheels full of gluten-free croissants, baguettes, pastas, pizza crusts, and cookies. (I must admit though, that walking by the windows of the pastry shops on every other street corner was pure torture!)

So the thought of once again going on an elimination diet was not completely foreign to me, although this time I told myself that I was going to expand it to include other food items.

The second reason for starting this latest elimination diet: one of the things that I had noticed during the past few months was that my RA always seemed to have some of its strongest peaks on Sunday evenings. It became so obvious that I could no longer ignore a possible connection between my diet and my rheumatoid arthritis.

You see, if there was ever a day of the week when my meals are almost exactly the same, it is on Sunday. We always have a late brunch that includes waffles or pancakes, a large fruit shake of papaya, banana, and milk, and a huge bowl-sized mug of coffee with milk.

First on my elimination list: gluten, dairy, and caffeine.

And if I’m going to do this I might as well do this right, no? So I added beef and chicken. I added the nightshades (tomato, potato, bell pepper…I don’t include eggplant because I never ate this anyways.) And lastly, in order to reduce my consumption of soda (which is not too high, but it still usually beyond where I would like it to be) I added corn syrup.

At first I thought it was going to be difficult to maintain this diet, but a month in I don’t even have any desire to start reintroducing any items to see if they act as inflammatory food triggers for me.

One of the first triggers that I seem to have identified, somewhat accidentally, was dairy. A couple of weeks ago I was offered some homemade chocolate mousse that I could not pass up…what harm could it possibly do? Well, a few hours later I realized the “harm” it could do. This morning I drank a cup of (caffeine-free) coffee with lactose-free milk. Still no go – a few hours later I had once of my worst peaks in weeks. So for the moment, dairy will stay on my list.

(I have had coca cola on a few occasions – I do have to mix my rum with something during Friday’s happy hour! But my corn syrup restriction has prevented me from buying a lot of knock-off salad dressings and condiments in the grocery store, which is a good thing.)

Other than that, I’ve stuck to my diet. I continue to be fascinated with the wide range of other food items that are out there, that I never previously enjoyed. In general, I feel like my overall energy level has risen. And as people who have been following my blog already know, a little less than two weeks ago I have a major overall improvement unlike anything that I experienced during the past half year.

Did my diet play a role in the drastic reduction of my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms? I have no doubt it did. Was my diet the sole cause of my improvement? It’s hard to say, especially since I continue to simultaneously implement a handful of other treatment options. Am I going to make any changes? Certainly not anytime in the near future!

So this is where I stand. And my meals haven’t suffered in the least! For example, last night’s dinner was pan-fried trout (fish on the weekends is still something that I allow myself to eat) served with pesto fusilli (made with rice and quinoa flour) tossed with cooked portobello mushrooms, sliced olives, and fresh chopped basil – all topped with a few drops of garlic-infused olive oil. To put it bluntly, the quality of my meals has actually increased since I started this diet!

If you are thinking of starting an elimination diet or already currently on an elimination diet, please do share your experiences with the rest of us. While each one of our bodies is different, I have no doubt that there is quite a bit of good information that we can learn from one another.


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Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!


Update: Angie from RA and Me also runs a blog on dairy-free diet – you can find it at The Non-Dairy Queen.

Sunday Break

Because there is no such thing as taking too many breaks!


This collage includes photos that I took in Beijing, China. The sculptures and the architectural details are from both the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. I visited in the midst of winter, so the Marble Boat was floating in a completely frozen-over Kunming Lake. On the morning of January 1st we visited the Great Wall. After Beijing we went to spend a few days in Shanghai…felt like I had just walked onto the set of Blade Runner.

China Collage


I got back into the kitchen yesterday. Yesterday’s lunch was achiote-marinated grilled fish fillets served on a bed of warm tri-color quinoa salad with fresh fava beans and chopped cilantro. Tomorrow marks one month since I have eliminated beef, chicken, dairy, gluten, tomato, bell pepper, caffeine, and corn syrup from my diet. Can anyone suggest a good tofu cookbook?


So many book on my Sony Reader, which one to read? Maybe I’ll start with The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. I download it in December and haven’t gotten around to it yet – it seems to have gotten excellent reviews.


Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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Antoni Gaudi And Juvenile Arthritis

The Arthritis of Antoni Gaudi

“Antoni Gaudí i Cornet, Catalan architect and one of the most important visual artists of the 19th and 20th centuries, suffered from a recurrent and often persistent arthritis since he was 6 years old. His diagnosis is uncertain but juvenile idiopathic arthritis is most likely. He coped successfully with his rheumatic illness during his life. It is proposed that his arthritis may have influenced him to the development of 2 of his major skills: observation power and analysis of nature.”

Gaudi 1
Chimenea De Gaudi, La Pedrera
http://www.flickr.com/photos/moriza/ / CC BY 2.0

Gaudi 2
Interior Detail Of Gaudi’s Casa Batlló In Barcelona, Spain
http://www.flickr.com/photos/opalsson/ / CC BY 2.0

Gaudi 3
Gaudi Blue Mosaic
http://www.flickr.com/photos/victoriapeckham/ / CC BY 2.0

Gaudi 4
http://www.flickr.com/photos/22746515@N02/ / CC BY 2.0

Gaudi 5
Barcelona Gaudi’s La Pedrera
http://www.flickr.com/photos/spiros2004/ / CC BY 2.0

I continue to be surprised with how many artists (especially architects!) lived with some form or another of rheumatoid arthritis. I continue to be inspired with every new story that I discover. Might there be a relation between chronic illness and creativity?

My Top 10 Lotions

Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy recently realized that he had lots of different types of body lotions and joint creams. I even had fix up a container just for my most frequently used items. So, I thought that today I would share the top ten products that I enjoy using the most. If you have your own favorite product that is not included here, please do share!

I have not received any compensation, financial or otherwise, from any of the companies whose products are included in this list.

Bliss Sock Salve10. Bliss Rosemary+Lemon Softening Sock Salve

Anything that makes my feet feel good is a winner in my book! I love putting this salve on my ankles and toes when I get out of the bathtub. You can also purchase softening socks.


Resonances9. Resonances Creme Fluide Verveine Basilic

Resonance in Paris sells a wide range of bath and body products. The subtle lemon verbena and basil fragrance often makes me want to go into the kitchen and start cooking with fresh herbs!


Masada8. Masada Dead Sea Mineral Foot Cream

There are quite a few foot products on my list – the perfect remedy for arthritic feet. This cream has soothing peppermint and tea tree oil, which feels wonderful anytime of the day – whether my feet are hurting or not.


Remede7. Laboratoire Remede Hydra Contour Complex For Body

Since my last visit to a St. Regis Resort & Remde Spa, I have been a big fan. This lotion has bitter orange and apricot extracts, and essential oils of rosemary, lavender and thyme.


Badger6. Badger Sore Joint Rub

I have many Badger Balms: Sore Joint Rub, Sore Muscle Rub, Foot Balm, Winter Wonder Balm, Stress Soother, and Yoga & Meditation Balm. The tins are easy to carry around, and the balms last a long time!


NOW5. NOW Joint Support Cream

When my joints are aching and I’m not in the mood to mess around, this is what I use. This cream incudes Glucosamine, Boswellin, and Capsaicin. Use with caution: the capsaicin extract is powerful!


Natura4. Natura Hortela E Gengibre Hidratante Corporal

By Natura (Brazil), the mint and ginger natural extracts in this lotion help to make my joints feel so much better. It’s almost like aromatherapy. This is my most-frequently used lotion.


Peaceful Mtn3. Peaceful Mountain Joint Rescue Gel

I absolutely love my Joint Rescue Gel! Unscented, this gel includes Devil’s Claw, White Willow, Comfrey, Arnica, Celery Seed, Poke Root, and Tumeric. I love the relief that it provides my aching joints!


Aspercreme2. Aspercreme Pain Relieving Creme

What can I say? I really like Aspercreme. The large size and affordable price allows me to use this cream as often as I like. My tube of Asprecreme often follows me around the house when my joints are aching.


Dr.Hauschka1. Dr. Hauschka Rosemary Foot Balm

The Dr. Hauschka product line, though slightly pricey, is worth every penny. This foot balm is the one items that makes my feet feel their best when they are in pain. I use it sparingly, but when I do it’s always a treat!


Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!