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Marianne Hoynes speaks out at health care town hall meeting in Red Bank, NJ 08/25/2009

Hi RA Guy, I’m a fan. I have RA, Sjogren’s and fibro. I spoke at a health care reform town hall meeting from my wheelchair last night. I was hoping you would look at my youtube short clip. It was hard to state my POV with all of the hecklers, but I got through it. It is simply, my life as I live it now. Thanks.


Thank you for sharing this video. More importantly, thank you for speaking publicly at the town hall meeting. Your story is important – and is one that is repeated more times than most people could ever imagine.

Your courage shines through in this video.

RA Guy


For more background on the continually increasing cost of rheumatoid arthritis medications, please read The Battle Over Biologics.

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  1. Reeta

    Thank you so much, Marianne. You voiced the concerns of so many. I admire your bravery amidst the disrespect evidenced by others in the crowd. Your message is one that needs to be heard.

  2. Sue Thomas

    Congratulations on this brave speech which moved me to tears and gave me great heart about the campaign in the US. I’m an RA sufferer who is doing well – thanks to the NHS (British National Health Service). Of course there are lots of problems with the NHS and some of its funds get creamed off by the big drug companies BUT we still have health care for all. I benefited from early intervention, gradual access to the necessary medication and excellent holistic care from the local rheumatoid department. Good luck to all RA friends!

  3. Ferhaan

    Marianne, you are a hero. I have been following the health care debate in the US and am grateful that we in the Netherlands do have universal healthcare.

  4. Wellescent Rheumatoid Arthritis Forum

    More often than not, the heroes are those who stand up in the face of the ignorant and convey informed messages. It is very sad, that the hecklers in the video were so self important that they could not listen to the common difficulties that this woman and many other face on a day to day basis. Whether or not one agrees with the reform plans as they stand, not offering a chance for someone to voice their concerns is petty.

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