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kittenbear; adventures in the wilds of arthritis

Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand: I am 29, an artist, a world observer and a deep (sometimes over) thinker. Recently happily married, starting a new life in the city where I grew up… after leaving 12 years ago. The reason I came home was arthritis. I had lived successfully alongside it for 13 years since I was 16. This is a journal of sorts, my first ever blog, hopefully of hope most of the time. I’ve just gotten through a 9 month battle with drug induced depression (my little black dog)after developing vasculitis (causing nasty ulcers) and as I find my feet again literally and mentally, I hope I can share something that helps someone else out there. I am very keen on diet and natural medicine right now, not from a preachy point of view I hope to be balanced. I’ve been on all the drugs I could stand for a while so I’ve drawn a line in the sand.

Kia Kaha (means stay strong, in Maori)
Arohanui (big love)

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  1. Synovial Sensation

    Welcome, nice to read you, I’m a knackered bearin the wilds of civilisation.

    Wassa doon gal? (Sardonic what’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this, in street London)
    You’re having a giraffe, innit? (You’re having a laugh aren’t you?)

  2. Moira

    Thanks, and like the lingo dingo.
    My family are Scots and have some funny wee sayings but often I take so long to follow (translate in my head) that it’s not funny by the time I get it I just feel rude for not laughing sooner 😉

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