Open Letter To Arthritis Today

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Dear Editors of Arthritis Today,

I was just looking at all of the archive issues of your magazine that are available for purchase on the Arthritis Foundation website, when something stood out to me – there were no men gracing the covers! So I decided to write and say that it would be nice if your publication could provide more visibility of men.

Arthritis Today Collage

But wait! I took a look at the current September/October 2009 issue, and was happy to see a man on the cover. At last, a man with arthritis is on the cover of your magazine! (Bottom right image.)

I soon found out, though, this was not to be the case. The person on the cover is Bob Harper, a personal trainer who appears on the television show “The Biggest Loser”.

According to statistics that are available at the Arthritis Foundation’s Arthritis Facts, overall arthritis affects 24.3 million women and 17.1 million men in the United States. This works out to a distribution of 59% women and 41% men amongst the overall arthritis population in the United States.

So I would like to modify my initial request, and kindly ask that your publication please provide more visibility of men living with arthritis.

Along the lines of the recent survey on your website – in which you ask readers which cover they prefer of beauty pageant queen Meredith Boyd – I would also like to host my own survey here, so that the readers of my blog can provide their feedback as well.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy

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