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Because there is no such thing as taking too many breaks!


This past week I decided to take out my camera and start experimenting with photography once again. My motivation got the best of me, because a day later I was going up a harrowing road on the side of the mountain and didn’t know whether to close my eyes or keep them open – it was that bad!


Once I got to the top, though, it was all worth it. The sun was just setting, and I got to see day turn to night. This photo shows the sun the moment it set behind a strip of houses perched on the edge of a canyon.


Yesterday I had ice cream for the first time in almost two months! Even better, it was homemade. Made from blended chocolate soy milk, tofu, bananas, and toasted almonds it was surprisingly good. Next up: strawberry and vanilla.


Tomorrow August 3rd, my grandparents celebrate their 68th Wedding Anniversary. Wow!


We’re already in August, which can mean only one thing – football season is just around the corner. (Hey, what can I say? I grew up in Texas in the 1970s, when it was all about the Dallas Cowboys.) Don’t worry, I will not be renaming my Sunday blog posts to “NFL Sunday Break”.


Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Laurie

    Wow! 68 years of marriage. God Bless them!
    Glad you are back to your photographic endeavours. It’s kind of neat that going for that perfect shot will motivate the movement in you.
    As for Football….Go Pack Go! I’m a cheesehead thru and thru!

  2. Millicent

    Beautiful sunset, homemade ice cream, 68th wedding ann’y–priceless! Congratulations to your grandparents! My parents celebrated their 63rd 4 months before my dad died, & my mom died 14 months later—on my dad’s birthday. We just celebrated our 39th, so we have a LONG way to go! Enjoy your Sunday & the anticipation of football!

  3. Jules

    I can’t wait for football season. It makes my MTX Sundays- laying on my couch so much more enjoyable. Just please don’t break my heart and tell me you are a Colts fan. LOL

  4. Robin

    hey, i was meaning to ask you what happened with your elimination diet? have you finished it? which foods ended up being the problem foods? i’m still working on mine, i’m going to post a more detailed ‘progress report’ early next week. i think it has been one of the most helpful, pain-relieving things i’ve done for myself but probably one of the most frustrating. oh well, better than the pain -robin

  5. Post
    RA Guy

    I think I still have some Dallas Cowboy blood in me. Let’s hope they inaugurate their new stadium this year with a better season than last year.

    Robin, thanks for the answer. The truth of the matter is that I eliminated but have yet to re-introduce everything…maybe I’ll try down the road, but for the moment I like how things are! Looking forward to your update on your diet!

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