Sunday Break

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Because there is no such thing as taking too many breaks!



Earlier this week I wrote about an excursion that I took, which helped me get my mind off my flare. These photos were taken during that afternoon. Illimani (from the Aymara language meaning “golden eagle”) is the highest mountain in the Cordillera Real, a subrange of the Andes Mountains. The snow line lies at 15,000 ft. above sea level, and glaciers can be found on the northern face at 16,350 ft. This mountain has four main peaks, the highest of which is the Nevado Illimani – a popuar ascent for mountain climbers.


One of my favorites movies was on cable television last night…even though I have it on disc, I watched part of it again. For me, Stardust is one of those movies that can never be seen too many times.


Tofu Buffalo Wings – the next best Happy Hour treat when you’re not eating meat. Deep fry breaded strips (gluten-free flours, of course) of tofu, serve warm with homemade hot wing sauce seasoned to taste. My personal favorite: Dave’s Insanity Sauce. These are now going quicker than the chicken-based wings that I also serve!


Yesterday was a relaxing day – yoga in the morning, nap in the afternoon, and many hours spent reading and relaxing. My mother arrives early tomorrow morning for a month-long visit…we can’t wait!


Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Millicent

    I always look forward to your Sunday pictures. Yesterday sounds like one of the great days, & now your mom will soon be arriving. I hope you have a wonderful reunion! She must be beside herself with excitement!

  2. Jules

    As always thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics. They are just breathtaking. That tofu sounds terrific! Wonder if it would work with a nice BBQ sauce? Enjoy your mom!

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