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Because there is no such thing as taking too many breaks!



Over the past few years I have been collecting antiques (and replicas) to furnish my house. After many years of studying modern, sleek architecture I found that I had a yearning for rustic, hand carved objects.

On the left is an antique apothecary bottle which has been turned into a lamp; the shade is made of hand woven leather. In the center is the entry room of my house with colonial style curio cabinets and an intricate gold leaf mirror. On the right is my personal favorite – my night table. I refurbished an antique wooden chair with blue Spanish tile, on top of which is an antique (still working!) radio and an antique iron which has been turned into a lamp.

I find these rustic surroundings in my home a nice balance to modern devices and online work which fills my days.


Yesterday’s lunch: Quinoa burgers with caramalized onions, served with a side of seven bean soup. Dinner: Peruvian style ceviche with cilantro and toasted corn kernels.


Just finished a House, M.D. – Season 4 marathon this weekend…I love how autoimmune disease/lupus/rheumatoid arthritis/lyme disease are mentioned as a possible diagnosis in each and every case!


Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. cateepoo

    I LOVE House and always laugh at the autoimmune diagnosis coming up with every case.

    You furnishings are beautiful. What a lovely way to spend your time at home.

    Quinoa burgers? Yummy. Did you make them yourself?

  2. Millicent

    The pictures & home furnishings are lovely!! Sounds like you’re having one of the great weekends! Big day for us today—we head to Baltimore to help with THE MOVE!!

  3. Leslie

    Hey RA guy…I came across your blog and have enjoyed it very much! I too am in my mid-30s with RA. I have seronegative RA. I was diagnosed officially with it earlier this year but have had symptoms for many years…worse in the last three. Its great to have a place to come to for some humor and some great info! love your furnishings.. 🙂

  4. Lois Kelley

    Nice house! So you have noticed that about House too! LOL! My husband and I have commented on that many times how it is always some sort of autimmune, RA, Lupus, Etc…. I guess its good they are bringing it to the publics attention, but can’t they come up with other things? LOL!

  5. Post
    RA Guy

    @cateepoo, Thanks! Yes, they were made from quinoa, quinoa flakes, and sliced green onions. Didn’t have GF bread, so they were served on a bed of lettuce.

    @Millicent, Please give my best to Sara and best wishes for the move!

    @Leslie, I am glad you found us! Our RA stories seem very similar. Please keep in touch.

    @Lois, Thanks! What I’d like is for some of the cases to actually result in RA, etc.

  6. kertslittlebird

    One of his cases did result in Sjogren’s. It was the episode that involved the one he calls 13 and a girl she picked up in a bar. Have you seen that one yet? That one scared my husband or should I say opened his eyes a little more.

  7. Lene

    Love the looks into how you’ve found uses for antiques. Am especially fond of the entry room – that’s a great colour on the walls!

    I can’t watch House. It pushes my hypochondirac buttons. 😉

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