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Because there is no such thing as taking too many breaks!


Yesterday I went on a drive through frozen mountain passes and steaming jungle valleys on the world’s most dangerous road. I have never seen such steep drops in my entire life! We enjoyed an outdoor lunch as we sat under a thatched hut on a terrace overlooking the green jungle. I took advantage of the warmth and sat in the sun with my shoes off (my aching feet loved it!) before repeating the entire drive once again – this time uphill.



Thanks everyone, for all of the anniversary wishes that were sent my way – both here on the blog and in private messages. It really meant a lot to us!


One more week until the start of this year’s football pool. I came in first place amongst 18 players for the past two years in a row. Will I make it a three-peat this year?


Just finished an Entourage Season 2 marathon. Up next: The Riches Season 2.


Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Millicent

    It sounds like your anniversary was glorious! The pictures are breathtaking, to say the least. I’ll be pulling for you in the football poll—what happens twice happens thrice.

  2. Laurie

    Glad you enjoyed the day. The pix are gorgeous, especially the misty bottom photo…magical. Don’t know if I could handle those hairpin turns on that road….my knuckles would have been frozen in fear!

  3. Rob

    Happy belated anniversary! What kind of football pool are you in? I am in 2 fantasy leagues each year – I find them to be a great distraction. Have you ever tried fantasy football?

  4. Post
    RA Guy

    Thanks for all of the comments on the photos!

    Laurie, the dark items in the bottom right of the last photo are actually mountain peaks, can you believe it!

    Diane, thanks for adding me to your list!

    Rob, the pool I am in does weighted picks on all NFL games to 10 NCAA games each weak. I’ve never done a fantasy league, as my knowledge doesn’t get much deeper than individual games. Yes, they are a nice distraction but waiting up for MNF to end on eastern standard time to determine the week’s tiebreaker often makes it difficult to wake up on Tuesday mornings!

  5. Di

    Celebrating a memorable day in a beautiful way! Once again, thank you for sharing! I also LOVE the sun rays warming an owie joint! It’s better than a heating pad! In the winter I get a tanning pass. I know those artificial sun beds are not great for the skin but oh how the warmth that penetrates my body is so divine!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! Happy Sunday to you! Happy anniversary too!!!! All my best to you both…all my support too!

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