Titanium Ankle Protectors

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Okay, so my ankle protectors aren’t really made out of titanium…but sometimes it feels as if there are.

Although my ankles do get slightly swollen at times, that have yet to show any signs of permanent joint damage. On some days they are weaker than other days, which used to be a problem – until I started using my McDavid ankle braces. Now if I have a day where my ankles feel particularly weak, or if I am going to be walking more than usual, I make sure to put on my ankle braces.

This pair that I use has a lace system, which allows me to adjust for just the right level of support. I then adjust the stirrup straps (my ankles are already in heaven by this point), which provide a great amount of side support…and then top thing off with the final elastic band at the top, which hides the laces and provides that third level of support.

The best part is that with all of these levels of protection, the ankles are very lightweight and still fit easily into any pair of shoes that I normally use. Their black cover is great, and often allows me to pretend that I am wearing just a normal pair of socks.


Ankle BraceMcDavid #195 Ultralight Ankle w/Strap
Protection Level III Maximum

Worn by the best players in the game.  Why spend the time and money on taping when the #195 gives you the support you need? It’s the most popular ankle brace on the market today. Used to replace costly tape for injury prevention, it features a lightweight nylon/vinyl fabric shell with two “Figure 6” stirrup straps that may be adjusted at anytime during play without removing the shoe. These straps simulate a professional taping technique that lends additional support and protection for common injuries. Other support and comfort features include a padded lining with a notched front, elastic heel and tongue and a sewn in arch support.

Used and recommended by top professional and collegiate athletes as well as sports medicine professionals nationwide. Guaranteed to last. Fits left or right ankle and any style shoe.

Product Info: http://www.mcdavidusa.com/store/item.asp?ITEM_ID=55…

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