All Into The Risk Pool

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This system forces sick people to bear high costs for chronic illnesses over which they have little control. Only when we include everyone in the risk pool do we have an insurance system that does not punish individuals for being sick. Read More: If you have not already, please do take a look at The Faces of Pre-Existing Conditions.

Arthritis Is A Journey: Meet MissRose

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Isn’t she adorable? She is the softest, most cuddly, sweetest little pink plush I’d ever seen. She has agreed to be my new friend and coach for my journey for a healthier lifestyle and nutritional game plan. She has promised never to make fun of how many cookies I eat. She doesn’t care what size of clothes I wear or …

Winter Must-Haves

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy is glad to be heading into warmer weather. Winter this past year not only started a month earlier, but it also ended a month later. On top of these two extra months of winter, temperatures were much lower than usual – and, it snowed much more than usual. While most of my readers continue to move towards …

And Now, A Word From Our Sponsors

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Oh, wait – there are no sponsors of this site. At least not in the traditional sense. No Mercedes-Benz commercials. No Bud Light commercials. No Viagra commercials. (Man, I think I’ve been watching too much football!) But there are many generous readers who have already contributed to the Superhero Support Fund. These individuals – you know who you are – …