New Levels Of Acceptance

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy woke up this morning feeling much less pain and stiffness than usual. This makes two days in a row. (I think those of us who live with rheumatoid arthritis day in and day out would agree that this qualifies as a streak!) These past two weeks have been quite memorable. When this latest flare started, I immediately …

We Are The Faces Of Pre-Existing Conditions

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We are your sisters and brothers, daughters and sons, mothers and fathers. We are your friends, coworkers, and neighbors. We have pre-existing conditions, but they do not define us. And they should not prevent us from accessing comprehensive, affordable health insurance. More Info: Please check out this new project from our friend Lisa at New Knees for Lisa.

Arthritis Ireland: Coping With Emotions

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Arthritis Ireland have won the award for the ‘Best Patient Education Project’ at the recent Irish Healthcare Awards 2009 for its ‘Coping With Emotions’ booklet. In response to the findings of a survey on the impact of arthritis on people’s emotions, Arthritis Ireland has produced a new booklet called ‘Coping With Emotions’ that offers support and guidance on dealing with …

Michelle Gonzalez

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Real Profiles of Rheumatoid Arthritis Photos © Michelle Gonzalez Name? Michelle Gonzalez Age? 36 Location? Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States How long have you lived with RA? 34 + years (Diagnosed in 1975 with JRA, at the age of 2 but probably had it since birth.) What advice would you give to someone who has just been diagnosed with RA? Don’t …

One More Rheumatoid Arthritis Blog!

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Adventures of La Coja I am a young woman with rheumatoid arthritis living and working in Mexico. I graduated from the University of Kansas in 2007 and like every young person looked forward to what i saw as an ideal future. However, when my disease came out of remission in late 2006, my life took a totally different direction. In …