Real Profiles Of Rheumatoid Arthritis: Elizabeth Riggs

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Elizabeth at Turtle Rock recently posted her own Real Profile of Rheumatoid Arthritis – be sure to take a look! Read More: If you look around while you are at her blog, you will find some great information on service dogs, PAALS (Palmetto Animal Assisted Living Services) of South Carolina, and ADI (Assistance Dog International). Elizabeth also writes the …

Thank You, Arthritis Today!

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Dear Editor of Arthritis Today, Two months ago to the day, I wrote an Open Letter To Arthritis Today in which I asked your publication to please provide more visibility of men living with arthritis. I had just reviewed the archive issues that were available on the Arthritis Foundation website, and was unable to find a man on the cover …

Justice Department To Stop Pursuit Of Medical Marijuana Use

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People who use marijuana for medical purposes and those who distribute it should not face federal prosecution, provided they act according to state law, the Justice Department said on Monday in a directive with far-reaching political and legal implications. Read More: Amen. Now I just hope that more states start to legalize medicinal marijuana.

Inspiring Others

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You can be an inspiration, too… Forward Erica’s story to friends and family. Arthritis Foundation Thank to Life in the Autoimmune for sharing this video!

New Definition Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Rheumatoid Arthritis 5.0 Rheumatologists have remade rheumatoid arthritis, a pretty big deal for them if only because it’s “the major systemic rheumatic disease that we as a specialty treat,” said Dr. Michael E. Weinblatt, a Harvard rheumatologist, at the end of a 90 minute session on Sunday afternoon that unveiled a new definition of rheumatoid arthritis to the world. The culmination …