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On Wednesday I had an English class, we talked about hero and we were asked to write about this subject, images of many people kept on passing my mind, I thought who would I rather write about! I thought about my mom, dad, RA Guy *embarrassed*.

Part of me wanted to write about ME, I really felt like a hero when the instructor was discussing the qualities of a hero, I have mixed feelings about saying that RA made me a hero, sad, embarrassed, sarcastic; but when I think about it I find that it’s a matter of choice…

Read More: http://raprincess.blogspot.com/2009/10/heros.html.

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  1. Marianne Hoynes

    You ARE a hero, RA Princess (and royalty, too!LOL)
    I can imagine that might be very personal and revealing to write about, but I am so happy that you feel that way! I hope you always do. It can be hard to feel positively about yourself if you have pain. Celebrate all the times you remember you are a hero. You are my hero today, just reading about you. You GO Princess Girl!
    Thanks RAGuy for posting this.

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