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Because there is no such thing as taking too many breaks!


Home Office

RA Guy Headquarters

A few weeks ago I wrote that I was going to paint the walls in my home office and rearrange the furniture; the above photos show the final results. Organizing the books was quite a feat (each shelf has a double row of books), but finally they are once again in some semblance of an order, and it’s possible to find a book in less then thirty minutes! This room is where much of this blog is written. Quite often I can be found sitting at the study table on the left, using one of my laptop computers. This room is the coldest room in the house, so as summer approaches I am looking forward to spending more time than usual in my home office.


Don’t forget that tomorrow is World Arthritis Day! For more information, please visit


Early birthday wishes to my mother, who celebrates her birthday tomorrow!


Thanks everyone for all of the support that you provided me during these last few days. Even during the most challenging moments, I never did lose hope – even when all of my joints started shutting down at the same time. Comments such as the following stayed in my mind throughout this period, and really did help!

But just remember to smile through it all – our ‘journey’ will help many along the path – and we’ll probably not know how or when or where. So when the pain is at it’s worst – smile even bigger – someone is watching!! ~RockinRhea (a 20+ yr RA survivor/ing!!


Football pool update: I’m currently in second place for the overall season lead…although I’ve yet to win an individual week.


Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Julie Woodard

    Love the color you painted. It looks like such a cheerful room all the books and a really comfy place to get to read.

  2. Remicade Dream

    The room looks incredible! Love, love, LOVE all the books – it reminds me of my house! (I think I spotted the Harry Potters on one of your shelves, yes?) I really like the white shelves, too.

  3. RA Mom

    Thank you, son for the early birthday wishes!–I’ve got your birthday gift (that you gave me to bring back with me when I left from my recent visit)and look forward to opening it up tomorrow. Tonight my cousin & her family have invited us over for an early birthday celebration dinner & birthday cake! Love you lots, RA Guy’s Mom

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