AMA Endorses Medical Marijuana Research

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Medical marijuana gets a boost from major doctors group

The American Medical Assn. changes its policy to promote clinical research and development of cannabis-based medicines and alternative delivery methods.

The American Medical Assn. on Tuesday urged the federal government to reconsider its classification of marijuana as a dangerous drug with no accepted medical use, a significant shift that puts the prestigious group behind calls for more research.

The nation’s largest physicians organization, with about 250,000 member doctors, the AMA has maintained since 1997 that marijuana should remain a Schedule I controlled substance, the most restrictive category, which also includes heroin and LSD.

In changing its policy, the group said its goal was to clear the way to conduct clinical research, develop cannabis-based medicines and devise alternative ways to deliver the drug.

Since California voters approved the use of medical marijuana in 1996, marijuana has moved steadily into the cultural mainstream spurred by the growing awareness that it can have beneficial effects for some chronically ill people.

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  1. Ferhaan

    As a Dutchman I feel compelled to say something about this 😉 We’ve had medicinal marijuana for a number of years and, like lots of things in the Netherlands, it is strictly regulated, both in terms of use as the product itself.

    Dutch medicinal marijuana differs to the regular kind, because it is specially grown and treated which ensures that it is free of pesticides, bacteria, metals or other impurities. Unlike the varieties you would source elsewhere..

    Users are discouraged from smoking medicinal marijuana. Obviously smoking is harmful and by burning it, the elements that fight pain (THC & CBD) are damaged. It can be drunk as a tea or taken through a special diffuser/inhaler.

    For the record I’ve never taken it…


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