An Attitude Of Gratitude: Can We Be Grateful For Pain?

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I know- that sounds crazy doesn’t it? This morning I woke up and the muscles from the elbow to the wrist on both of my arms are just aching. Both pinkies and shoulders are “talking to me” as well. It made it particularly difficult to do anything with my hair and to stir, stir, stir my steel cut oats for breakfast. After several weeks of feeling wonderful- how can I be grateful for the pain I am experiencing this morning?

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  1. Barbarella

    That really is cool. It´s so hard a lot of the time to see a bright side, but if you look, there is *always* one.

    For me, most of the time I only take one look at 1 or all of my three kitties (who are my life), and I am grateful for the whole world and everything in it. That of course doesn´t work all the time, especially when the pain is so bad that you can´t even pick up a cat, but 70-80% is good enough for me. 🙂

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