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Confessions of a RA Superbitch

And here she is – my alter-ego. I have brought her out for purposes of this blog. She is mean. She is cranky. She should be; she deals with constant pain and limitations. She gets told “no” a lot. She swallows over twenty pills a day, and is pushed around by her family, strangers, insurance companies, co-workers and even doctors who think she should accept her reality. And now, she is fed up with the hand she’s been dealt. She has “snapped,” so to speak. She is about to say what she’s thinking about this messed-up disease and she will take no prisoners! She is going to let it all out without fear of consequences. She is going to make people angry and then sit back and smile that she did. She will say it like it is so that the rest of us can hear it. She is essentially Gabby Solis from Desperate Housewives with an auto-immune disorder, and she is ready to blog.

RA Guy says we are super-heroes if we are all living with rheumatoid arthritis. He couldn’t be more right. So by day I’ll continue to be an RA superhero. I will raise my family and do my job, and send money to the arthritis foundation and educate myself and my doctors about my condition… but online I will be a rip-roaring, you can’t stop me from saying it, true to my word- Bitch!

So part superhero and part bitch. That makes me a superbitch.

I AM an RA Superbitch, and this is my blog. Enjoy.

Now this is one superhero that I definitely don’t want to mess with!

This is a very unique approach for dealing with the personal and societal frustrations that living with RA can bring into a person’s life…for some it might help, for others it might not. But you’ve been warned by the author herself: if you don’t want to be angered or offended, don’t click through!

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  1. RA Superb*tch

    I really want to thank RA Guy for sharing this with you guys. For a good guy superhero, he’s the best. 😉

    I so appreciate your comments, and wanted to let Lana know I fixed the comment issue.

    More to come,
    RA SB

  2. marianne hoynes

    Rock on, girl. Whatever allows you to express yourself, more power to you. I have moments of anger and resentment. I totally get this woman’s perspective, and she expresses herself beautifully.
    Makes me want to have a beauty pageant for women with RA.

  3. Hazel

    Thanks for sharing this site RA Guy. RA Superbitch says what I’m secretly (sometimes not so secretly) thinking.

  4. RockinRhea

    I love this site – I love this blog – and I especially love the Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy — and Girl!! You Rock — both of you!

  5. Don

    Thanks for your blog. Refreshing in and odd sort of way! A good sort of way. You are showing how you feel. It’s important to let it out!

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