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Eshoo bill huge boon for Silicon Valley biotech

Buried in the giant health care bills in Congress is a multibillion-dollar bonanza for Silicon Valley’s biotechnology and venture capital industries, sponsored by Rep. Anna Eshoo, a Palo Alto Democrat.

The provision would grant “biologic” drugs, a new class of drugs based on gene splicing and grown in living cells, 12 years of protection from competition by the generic drug industry, in addition to their patents.

A scathing report by the Federal Trade Commission in June said no added protection, much less 12 years, was warranted, and warned that the Eshoo legislation would ensure sky-high drug prices and stifle innovation on the most promising frontier of medical research.

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  1. Pollyanna Penguin

    I suppose the reasoning behind it is that if the drug companies don’t get the protection then it isn’t worth their while developing the drugs in the first place. (Not that I agree with that – just figure that’s the reasoning.) At the mo biologics are so hard to produce anyway that generics will struggle to make them, so no extra protection required. (Added to which, if they get protection then folks like me in the UK National Health Service have very little hope of ever being allowed to have them!)

  2. Wren

    Grrrr. I hope our intrepid leaders in Congress pay attention to what that bill will mean for their less wealthy, unemployed and uninsured constituents who have RA. If they don’t, they sure don’t deserve our support. I can understand the biotech and venture capital industries wanting to get their profit from these wildly expensive drugs. But for 12 years. That’s reprehensible. Sigh.

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