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Julie JuliaLast night Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy saw the comedy-drama movie Julie & Julia. This film is based on the writings of Julia Powell, an office worker in downtown Manhattan who decided to cook all 524 recipes from Julia Childs’ cookbook in one year – and blog about it.

(Interesting fact: the only “celebrity” death that has ever caused me to shed a tear was that of Julia Childs. I absolutely love the cooking show that she did with Jacques Pepin, and she is the one person who taught me to love butter and hate margarine.)

It got me wondering…if I decided to write a blog for an entire year, what would I write about?

I could try all of the rheumatoid arthritis medications that are currently on the market, and write about if they help me or not. I had to cross off that idea, though, when I realized that it generally takes at least 1/3 of a year to find out if a particular medication is working or not. Without even considering any combination treatments, that means that I would only be able to get through two or three medicines, max.

I could share all of the details about my regular physical therapy sessions…but that would probably put everyone to sleep. Speaking of sleep and physical therapy, I’ve recently become amazed at the deep sleep that I have started entering into during my recent sessions, even as I have different electrical currents passing through my body at any given time.

Yesterday I even got a session of “scanning” (I don’t know the actual medical term), but it’s combination electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy. It’s hard to describe the sensation, but if feels both good and bad at the same time. Even through this, I started to fall asleep.

I could write about the number of times I glance at my write wrist during the day, amazed that such a seemingly small joint can cause so much pain. It’s the one joint in my body that never seems to escape pain, no matter what.

But I’ve decided to keep things just they way they are. I will continue writing about my daily life with rheumatoid arthritis, both the ups and the downs. It’s worked for me so far, as I am coping much better with my RA now than I was a few months ago – before I started blogging.

Here’s hoping that the ups continue to outnumber the downs!

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy

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  1. Barbarella

    Hey, stay as you are! You got a great thing going here and are quite unique, and you don´t need to copy ideas from other people…. 🙂

  2. cateepoo

    I forgot this was a movie I wanted to to see and haven’t – thanks for the reminder. Also, I love butter! That didn’t come from Julia – I just think butter is superior to margarine in so many ways.

    This last week I was connected with a friend I lost contact with years ago through Facebook. I learned that she just recently lost her husband to death. Hearing her news really put my RA in perspective. I may have some days that are really bad, but I am so lucky to always have loving support surrounding me. I can imagine her loss, but really I can’t truly understand it. And you know what? I am lucky that I don’t have to even though I can feel for my friend.

    Thanks for your positive posts that share not only the downs, which we need to share, but the ups that are just as important to share. The posts I read here motivate me and remind me on my bad days that the good days are around the corner.

  3. Lana

    The celebrity death that caused me to tear up was Chistopher Reeves. He was an amazing person. I also tear up when I see Michael J. Fox on the screen especially his most recent work.

    Barbarella is right – stay the way you are.

    I a toasting for better good days for all of us (with my morning coffee:))

  4. kate

    Side Note…
    your wrist is bad, I totally understand my are terrible too. I have not cartilage left in them so the joints just rest on each other, (not fun). But anyways I have found that wearing a wrist band, like a sweat band on them helps. It feels soo good, and actually I wear one to bed because in the morning the flare up is at its worst. It is silly I know, I just wear a workout Nike one. It wont hurt to try…

  5. marianne hoynes

    I look so Foreword to your blog every day. I have a feeling a lot of people do. I dont think it even matters if you are having a good day or a bad day (well, of course it MATTERS, but it does not change my ritual of looking at what you posted when I first log onto FB). Anything you write about I can relate to or connect with, and it makes me feel less alone in my own relationship with RA. You have an empathetic way of communicating, and I love how generous you are with highlighting other bloggers, and profiling other people with RA.
    I have a funny feeling that a lot of people really look foreword to what you have to say, like I do. Carry on, RAGuy. Carry on!

  6. Doggie Howser

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  7. jodi

    ooh, thanks for the reminder of that movie. i want to see it.

    and you just keep doing what you’re doing. we all appreciate your posts!

  8. Post
    RA Guy

    I hadn’t expected this post to provoke such a kind outpouring of support. Thanks, and I will definitely continue to do what I’ve done up until now.

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