25 Amazing Infographics and Studies Showing the Cost of Sickness

It seems that no one can escape the topic of health care and its costs today, but do you really know the full impact of these costs? Over the past decade, many institutions and scholars have pulled together infographics and studies that show costs for various illnesses on specific populations, or on specific illnesses on a regional or worldwide scale. These studies can help readers understand the full financial impact created by economics and by various illnesses, including chronic diseases and food-borne illnesses.

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More Chronic Pain/Rheumatoid Arthritis Blogs!

Pain, Pain, Go Away
I am a mom to 3 wonderful kids and 3 more wonderful stepkids. I am a part-time photographer and I am a tutor/substitute teacher part-time as well. I have recently been struggling with a mystery condition that has truly affected my life in very negative ways. I’m hoping that someone will help me find what’s causing my pain soon, so that I can continue my life as I’d like to live it.

Frozen Woman: Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis
I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in January 2010 after an explosive onset at the end of November 2009. In my work life, I’m the executive editor of STYLE AT HOME magazine, and I oversee the 
content of www.styleathome.com (a truly fabulous website about home decor, if I do say so myself!). I also co-write the Natural Chic blog at www.styleathome.com/naturalchic

Living It, Loving It: The Modern Mom

Somewhere between my diagnosis and last Fall, I realized that I had to fight for myself and for my family. I had to face my diagnoses and live with them. RA had changed my life and along the way, I changed my lifestyle. My sense of humor, my determination, my faith in God, my strength, and my love my children has forced me to see that RA cannot stop me from living my life.

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From The Archives

Voice Of RA: The Mom
RA Guy on September 1st, 2009

RA Guy mom shirt

I am at the half-way point of my month-long visit with my son, RA Guy.

My husband and I live in a different continent than our son so the only methods of keeping in touch with him are through phone calls and/or emails.  Although, I must say that since he moved here about 7 years ago we’ve been fortunate in that we’ve managed to see one another on numerous occasions during each passing year – he’s either visited us at our home in Texas or we’ve met in the San Francisco area, we were together at our daughter’s wedding in Missouri, we visited him here a few years ago, and once we even met up in Paris, France for a vacation.  I was so glad when he started his blog because it offered me a way of daily keeping informed of his rheumatoid arthritis.

This summer the day-to-day postings of my son detailed the chronic, daily RA problems he was experiencing and my heart ached for him.  This had been occurring since November – it had been months.  I cried as I read his postings that detailed his worst flares.

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I’m re-posting this in honor of my parents, who are on the last day of their six-week visit. It’s been great having them here during the recent holidays!

Rough Start

Every so often, while Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy is sleeping, he starts to cry in his dreams. I find myself overcome with feelings of intense pain. And then I wake up, and realize that it wasn’t just a dream. I really am crying, and I really am in lots of pain.

It feels really weird to wake up crying, but I continue to get more used to it. I used to feel like this cast a pall over my day, but now I know otherwise. When the pain gets so bad that it interrupts my sleep and my dreams, it’s okay to wake up with a few tears.

And as usual, I’ll figure out how to make the most out of my day – despite the rough start.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!