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QuestionCarla asks:

I’m trying to find out other people’s experiences taking Enbrel, Humira, and/or Simponi through airport security. These are injectable drugs that have to be refrigerated. Did they have any problems with security not wanting to allow them through? Was the insulated carrier/ice counted as one of your two carry ons? I’m going to be traveling more in the future and I’d like to know what others have experienced.

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  1. Laurie

    I took my Enbrel from Orlando to Atlanta to Honolulu, and on many shorter flights. Had a copy of my prescription. I found a small soft sided insulated carrier bag and frozen ice pack (no bigger than 4×6 inches total..it fit in my backpack) Remember to wrap the syringes in two layers of bubblewrap so it doesn’t freeze from the ice pack/ Put the bubblewrapped syringes and frozen pack in 2 freezer bags, rolling them to keep air out. Works like a charm! 12 hours of airtime and the icepck was still half frozen. Security sees people with injectable medicine all the time, just mention to the TSA folks at the security check that you have medication in syringes, and ask if they would like it taken out so they can scan it..I have never been asked to take it out of my backpack.

  2. raandme

    I went through with my Enbrel last year. My carrying case was small enough to just slip in my carry on bag.
    I didnt have the slightest bit of trouble. I just showed them my signed travel drug card, and they let me trough without any issues.

  3. Post

    I bought an insulated lunch bag with a zipper pocket. I wrapped my enbrel in bubble wrap, included a dry ice pack, and used the zipper pocket for my prescription. I kept the lunch bag out of my backpack while going through security. After going through security, I placed the bag in my backpack. I’ve done this three times and it worked well each time.

  4. Post

    yes, I did similar. I also got a letter from my doc to certify the drugs were mine and that they needed to be refrigerated.

  5. Post
  6. Post

    I”ve done the same with no problems what so ever. Just let TSA know you have medication in there. I carry a Dr. note just to be safe but have never had to use it.

  7. Jules

    My experience was the same as everyone else’s. No problems what so ever. Enbrel gave me an insulated bag with an ice pack and I used that. It’s kind of big so I didnt even need to wrap the Enbrel. My doc gives me a letter certifying that the drugs (I was more nervous about my injectable MTX, pain pills and muscle relaxers.) are mine and I kept everything but Enbrel in their original pill containers and then transferred them to my weekly box when I got there. TSA didn’t even ask for the letter. I carry it all on car trips too- last thing I would want would be to get pulled over for something minor and have them think I was doing something illegal.

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