Wishing For a Flare?!

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Okay, so Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy actually found something that is less fun than a rheumatoid arthritis flare: a bout of food poisoning.

Two hours before the worst symptoms actually grabbed hold, my RA suddenly peaked to some of its all time highs – the first sign that something was wrong. Then, all of the food poisoning symptoms started.

Let me just say, it was not a fun ride. If my flares are like a cup of coffee, this was like a few shots of espresso.

Believe it or not, during this episode yesterday I would have actually traded everything in for a flare. During periods where I could barely think straight, I continued to tell myself that that if I this were a flare, I would at least be familiar with it and knew how to respond. With food poisoning, I felt so helpless.

Luckily this bout lasted right under 24 hours, so today I am back to normal.

That was a definitely a first though, really wishing for a flare. I learned an important lesson – if there’s one good thing about my rheumatoid arthritis pain, that would be that at least my chronic pain is familiar.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. judy

    I’m sorry that you were so sick..food poisoning is one of the worse I’ve experienced!! Glad you are getting on track again!!

  2. Melissa

    Ironically, I’ve had the same experience this week. Kinda made the RA and ankle fusion take a back seat to endless trips to the bathroom…

    Hope you continue to feel better soon

  3. cateepoo

    I have been fortunate to never had food poisoning but I understand it is awful. Steve had it once while on a work trip and ended up in his hotel room for 24 hours. Feel better soon.

  4. Marianne

    Wow, what a bad day RAGuy. I hope you are feeling better today! Nice to have a comparison, though I dont wish that on you. I hope it stays in your head for the next flare – and that you feel stronger going thru it!

  5. Karen

    I had the worst flare of my life in conjunction with food poisoning a week ago. Almost enough to make me forget about the gastro symptoms. When I googled to find out about whether food poisoning can trigger flares, all I could come up with was references to reactive arthritis/ Reiter’s syndrome — but nothing about what food poisoning does to people with existing RA, except for your experience. Thanks for sharing!

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