Young Women’s Arthritis Support Group

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Young Women’s Arthritis Support Group (YWASG) was formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1996 as a means for younger women to contact others to exchange support and ideas for coping with rheumatoid arthritis and the many other forms of arthritis affecting young women of child-bearing age.

Our support group meets each month at Ashburton Community Centre, 160 High Street, Ashburton. Here, members get together to chat and hear interesting talks from guest speakers. Women of all ages are welcome and partners and friends are encouraged to come along too. Members receive an email each month with full details of the upcoming meeting. A $2 donation at each meeting covers room hire costs, tea, coffee and biscuits. Meeting start at 7.30pm and run until about 9.30pm, but members are welcome to arrive or leave any time during the 2 hour period.

As well as our monthly support group meetings, our website offers information about arthritis and our Forum is growing into a very active community. You do not have to be a YWASG member to join the Forum, so if you are not located in Melbourne, or do not have access to your own support group, this is a great place to meet other women with arthritis and talk to them in a friendly environment whenever you want!

As an informal companion to the our website, we have created a blog called ‘Stiff Chicks’. The blog will be an active place to comment on regular posts and to participate in discussions about living with arthritis.

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stiffchickslinkStiff Chicks is the blog of the Young Women’s Arthritis Support Group, and is written by a team of girls from YWASG with the occasional guest author. Here we share with your our experiences with arthritis, news, information, tips, suggestions, resources and anything else that other young women or their friends and families may find useful. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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