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My Own Personal Kryptonite
April 26, 2009

kryptoniteWhen Superman was exposed to one particular thing, he immediately lost all of his powers and became weak.  The thing that had such an immediate and pronounced effect on Superman was green kryptonite.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy has his own personal kryptonite – but it’s called winter.

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Today’s blog post reminded me of this post that I wrote last April, when I was moving towards winter. Maybe this will be the year the I overcome my personal kryptonite!

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  1. Elaine C

    It’s when the northern hemisphere turns water into ice. Depends if we have a mild winter, that’s good for us RAers. A bad winter and, GEE, that hurt, it inflamed my joints. Excuse me struggling to type left handed & i’m, dominantly, right handed.

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