Helping Hand

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This morning, as I was on my way to physical therapy, I noticed that my hands were much more swollen than usual. They reminded me of something, but I couldn’t quite put my (puffy) finger on it. My physical therapist greeted me at the door, and she too quickly noticed how swollen my hands were. On most days she asks …

Project Jennifer

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A girl, her hubby, 2 boston pups, and new hips….. “Jenn, you’ve just received two brand spanking new hips….what are you going to do next?” Read More:

There’s Always Rheum For Improvement

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A Detailed Account of a Young Persons Battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis At the age of 22 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I did not know much about the disease but it seemed my life would never be the same again. After months of despair, loosing a loved one and giving up my dream job I am finally coming to …

My Doc Rocks

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The Arthritis Foundation understands how important the right healthcare professional is in the fight against arthritis. To show appreciation for their good work, the Arthritis Foundation is honoring the “docs that rock” at upcoming Arthritis Walk events across the country. Patients can nominate their favorite healthcare professional – whether that be a rheumatologist who has worked diligently to find the …