Pop-Up Thoughts

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On my way to work this morning, I have a pretty profound thought. What made it even more profound was that I wasn’t necessarily in a pensive mood at the time. (In fact, I was actually thinking about the quiz that I needed to photocopy during the few minutes between arriving on campus and the start of my class.) The …

Superhero Powers

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Based on the following list of items that have been submitted by readers of this blog, no one can doubt that we are a powerful group of superheroes! Rheumatoid Arthritis, please take note: you may be a part of our lives, but you’re certainly not going to conquer this group of superheroes! Finding peace and happiness despite the physical issues. …

Letters From The Beach: A Week In The Life Of An Arthritis Patient

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One of the surprises I’ve experienced living with autoimmune arthritis has been how dismissive people can be. It’s just a little arthritis, people say. Well, here’s some tangible evidence of how a little arthritis changes a life. Read More: http://lettersfromthebreach.blogspot.com/2010/06/week-in-life-of-arthritis-patient.html

Winter Defenses

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First of all, thanks for all of the comments and messages of support that I received in response to the post that I wrote yesterday. Even though membership in this club isn’t always by choice (they weren’t kidding when they said “lifetime membership”, were they?!), it’s definitely nice to be able to speak with others who also continually go through …

Mind Over Matter

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This is my new mantra at the moment, as my rheumatoid arthritis once again spins out of control. My body feels like mush, and my thoughts are getting a little soft around the edges. (Oh, how I had forgotten these feelings of confusion…just when things seem to clear up a bit, the roller coaster ride is once again only just …