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erdingerIt’s been almost a month since I received the news about my elevated liver enzymes. Over these past few weeks I’ve done an even better job than usual (I think) of taking care of different aspects of my health, so earlier today I decided to celebrate.

I had a beer.

Celebrating with a beer? Wasn’t I supposed to completely eliminate alcohol from my diet?

The answer to both of those questions continues to be “yes”. The beer I had today was an alcohol-free beer…and it was actually quite good! It is brewed in Germany by Erdinger.

So I’d like to make a Saturday night “cheers” to all of my readers, friends, and family. Thanks for all of the support that you gave me earlier this week. (Just a quick update: I had some low-medium pain over the past few days, but nothing even close to the episode that I had on Wednesday.)

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Carla

    When my husband had heart surgery he was on some medication that prevented him from drinking alcohol and he found this same beer and really liked it. Hopefully the liver enzymes will resolve themselves and you can go back to being able to imbibe a bit.


  2. Rainbow Lucy

    If you can find Becks Blue alcohol free beer where you are that is very drinkable too – not too sweet like many of them.

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