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I just had to share this wonderful comment that I received earlier today.

Hi! I’ve been considering responding to your blog for a while now (actually a year-ish while…)! I was born in South-Africa and still find myself here. Lovely country, and among other amazingly strange facts, we have 11 official languages! I was diagnosed with RA 8yrs ago, and at a point in 2009 when my sense of humor totally deserted me, I came across a poster of your 60 Sec Guide to RA behind the restroom door at my rheumatologist’s rooms. (Fortunately it was a copy of an original, imagine that same guide in all 11 languages). I couldn’t stop grinning all the way home-imagining the logical way to explain to people why I’m younger than their grannies that have the “same disease” that I have!? Thank you so much for that: not only can I now explain the DIS-ease of the disease, but I can also encourage other people living with RA to count their blessings. I live with an altered perseption of what it means to be blessed and that makes the day-to-day surprises when living with RA a unique adventure at a special pace. Like living in Africa. God Bless! God Bless!

Might I be accused of lurking, though?

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  1. Laurie

    RA Guy…gone Global! We should do a “map” of where we are from and are currently…would be interesting !
    I am from Wisconsin, USA and have lived in Orlando, Florida since 1992!

  2. Sue

    Imagine THAT on your resume! You’re actually able to lurk in the most unexpecting places.Your blog puts a smirk on my face!

  3. RA Guy's Mom

    A true attestation to how you’ve impacted lives, son!!! Reaffirms my strong belief that out of the worse case scenarios comes something good–one just has to look for it. “Thank you” South-Africa blogger/commenter!…it’s soooo good to know/read your message!!

  4. Mike

    I can say you have touched many out there. You were the first blog I happened upon when I was first diagnosed. I still come back on a regular basis. You gave me the desire to start my own blog which then got me in touch with many others dealing with the trials and tribulations of RA. Your blogs along with so many others let each of us know we are not alone. Thanks!

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