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Rheumatoid20something Why don’t I tell you a little about myself so you can start to understand where I’m coming from. Joseph be thy name, I’m 22 years old and have lived with chronic pain for a large part of my life. Since I was very young, I can recall suffering from what we use to call ‘growing pains’ which at …

Grinding Knee

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You know that abrasive scraping sound that a car’s brakes start to make when the pads are wearing thin? Well, I’ve begun to experience this feeling in my left knee. It started a little over a month ago, would come and go very irregularly, and would last for only short periods of time. Now, this sensation is occurring much more …

Gavin’s Story! Living With Juvenile Arthritis, Uveitis & Ulcerative Colitis!

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300,000 children are clinically diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis in North America. Gavin is just one of them. He also has Uveitis (arthritis in the eyes) and Ulcerative Colitis. Gavin’s Story! Living with Juvenile Arthritis… Gavin was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis when he was 21 months old, Uveitis when he was 2 1/2 years old and Ulserative Colitis at 5 1/2 …

Carla’s Corner: Just Get Over It

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It’s one thing to know you have a chronic disease, but it’s altogether something else to realize that a major paradigm shift has occurred. Everything you’ve known about disease and getting well, up to this point, evaporates like a mirage. You now have a new normal. You no longer are the person you’ve always been. Read More:

RA Guy’s Superhero Support Fund

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Note: In this post I will ask for donations. Although a donate link can always be found in my sidebar, I only directly ask for donations once a year. If this bothers you, please skip this post. Readership of this blog continues to grow, so much so that page hits have doubled during this current month. (I am not even …