Rheumatoid Arthritis Back To The Future

RA Guy Adventures of RA Guy

Time TravelRheumatoid Arthritis Guy has a script for a new movie. Desperate to find a cure for his chronic pain and debilitating information, he creates a time travel machine out of an old DeLorean in order to jump half a century into the future. Of course they’ll have developed more effective and less expensive medicines some fifty or sixty years from now!

Unfortunately, when RA Guy is typing the destination dates into the control panel, he accidentally subtracts the years, instead of adding them. (Darn those arthritic fingers!)

ANYWHERE USA – 1949 TO 1961

Even though he has gone back in time, RA Guy is excited to find that there are indeed some new medicines for rheumatoid arthritis. Why are they so expensive, though? (It seems like some things never change.)

Most Expensive Medicine Gives Arthritis Relief

The world’s most expensive medicine, a hormone called Compound E, has been found to give hope to suffers of one of the most painful and crippling disease of the human race–rheumatoid arthritis. It cost $300,000 to make the first supply of the white crystalline material–enough for 16 patients at Mayo Clinic here. Thirty steps were employed by Merck and Co. to produce the hormone, which comes from the outer part of the adrenal gland. The rush to obtain the compound is on, but many thousands of suffers will be disappointed, for the supply is not expected to be increased until next year, and will still be scare and expensive.

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By the way, “Compound E” was eventually renamed “Cortisone”.

But wait, this new wonder drug might actually have some serious side effects? No need to worry, just create a commercial and focus on the good parts…you know, the typical “life-you-have” versus “life-you-want” stuff.

(And before you assume that this following article talks about an Enbrel commercial, don’t forget, the year is 1950!)

New Drugs Aid Arthritis Fight, But Produce New Problems

Doctors are taking movies that top Hollywood for drama, and sometimes tragedy. The real-life heroes and heroines of these films aren’t acting. They’re volunteers for research with Cortisone and Acth. the wonder hormones for rheumatoid arthritis. In one scene, a woman is thrilled and happy. She laughs, walks, runs, combs her hair, vigorously wrings water from a wet towel. Moment before, you saw her as she had been three days earlier. She winced when a doctor moved her wrists, swollen with arthritis. She walked with a pain, climbed stairs in agonized jerky steps, couldn’t reach up to comb her hair.

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Enough of the medicines, though. One thing that RA Guy is shocked, absolutely shocked, to discover is that some people used to think that the cause of rheumatoid arthritis was mental. Thankfully, this is the past…and people no longer think this way. (Or do they?)

Mental Anxiety May Be Arthritis Cause

They wanted to see how patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis deal with aggressive impulses. The results were compared with studies of the patient’s brother or sister unaffected with the disease. The doctors said the comparison showed that rheumatoid arthritis patients are overactive as children but become inhibited later in life before their illness. Their sisters or brothers who are free of the illness “seem to be able to use movement and impulsive action successfully in later life,” the report said.

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It’s sort of hard to “use movement…successfully” when you’re not even able to successfully move, don’t you think.

What…you’re not able to move? You don’t say. Well, my grandmother’s sister’s aunt’s neighbor’s brother’s ex-wife takes these pills that cured her rheumatoid arthritis overnight. You should try them! They’re called Super Sustamin 2-12. Want more information? Here you go…

Arthritis-Rheumatism Sufferers Wake Up Tomorrow Without Pain!

Doctors at three leading arthritis clinics report that a remarkable new tablet now gives safe, effective relief from arthritis-rheumatism pain 24 hours a day, and doctors were amazed at the favorable response even in cases of Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Patients responded to the new super tablet. Even swelling and stiffness of pain-crippled joints were soon relieved in many cases.

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Will the future really be much different than the past? Let’s hope so. In the meantime, let’s continue to educate each and every person about the severity of rheumatoid arthritis and the inadequacy of many of the currently exiting medical treatments. We can’t rewrite the past, but we can work towards a better future.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!