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PrednisoneAs many of you may already know, I’ve been on 20mg+ of Prednisone for the past few months. I previously tried to taper off many times, but the results were always the same: a major flare-up, followed by another increase in my Prednisone dosage.

A few weeks ago I started another taper, this time determined that I would make it through. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m close. For the past two weeks, I was once again in a major flare…but at the moment, things seem to be going well.

And the good news: today, I taper down to 2.5mg!

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  1. Helen Wilmot

    It took me three tries to get off prednisone. I finally decided I would have to do it very slowly as I got down to 5mg and then couldn’t go any lower. I ended up taking 5 mg for 2 months, 4 for 2 months , etc. It finally worked. I have my little short course pack ready for severe flares, but only have had to use it once. I have miserable days, but had them on the prednisone as well, do I don’t miss it (or the 35 pounds that just dropped off!). I was able to get my IV remicade down to every 8 weeks, but can go back to every 6 if I have to.
    The hardest part is getting used to the loss of energy. There is no rhyme nor reason to my pattern of energy, except that it seems to peak mid to early afternoon. It certainly increased my energy level. So, I’ve made enjoying my naps an artform! Good luck.

  2. FishDoctor

    Diagnosed Jan 2009 in a major flare that had been building in intensity the last quarter of 2008. Prednisone immediately relieved it in a matter of hours, enough so I could sleep and think. Then I found out I could only have it 5 days due to pre-existing cardio-vascular concerns. Every time I tried to work over the next 18 months, it would flare and I would do the prednisone for 5 days then taper off. All the while taking MTX for over 2 years now and for the most part I can manage on the MTX alone. I haven’t had prednisone since June of 2010. 100% of my synovitis pain is at the lowest level in 20 years so I’m pretty happy. I do have to watch my level of exercise and stress. A stressful job due to technical or physical demands will send me right back into flare.
    Good luck.

  3. LissaRachelle

    Wow! 2.5mg from 20mg? Good for you!! I’ve been trying to wean down from 10mg (which I’ve been on for about a year) and just can’t do it, at least not yet. All the best to you. I’m sending good thoughts that you’ll be able to maintain that low dose and hopefully be completely pred free soon!

  4. Brenda

    Guy- you rock! I have similar battles with methylpred- I become psychotic with prednisone- My veins became flat-so many problems with the drug(s). They do help when you are having a raging flare though. I can remember begging the ER docs to give me a shot of the methlypred, because I knew in 24 hours there would be some relief.

    I found the closer I got to quitting, the worse the pain became. The good news for me was- if I could stick it out I could get off of it. The last milligram is always the hardest for me. I try to make myself “busy” on the last two weeks of the taper game. I go for walks- hey even if it just in the back yard. I turn the stereo on full blast and sing (off key)- all simple tasks but I just ride it out and now usually a week after the last grain of medrol I am okay. So hang in there, you will get there.

  5. Cathy

    Prednisone was a challenge for me too. It can bring some much needed relief, but coming off of it can be awful. Congratulations on making it down to 2.5mg. That is a huge accomplishment! You are almost there!

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