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aquamanIn honor of my fellow superhero Aquaman, I’ve started swimming each day as part of my fitness routine.

And even though I know I’ve only just started, it already feels great. It feels wonderful to be moving in the mornings, to be swimming in a pool full of heated water where a lot of my constant joint pain seems to instantly disappear as soon as I am floating in the water.

My rheumatologist has been recommending for more than a year that I start swimming, but with my previously busy schedule I could never seem to find the time. As the cold weather of winter approaches with each new day, I figured that now was the time. (I’m determined not to stop moving this winter.) My only regret is having waited so long to start.

Does anyone else swim or do aquatic exercises on a regular basis?

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Laurie

    I swim when I can, but having to drive back and forth to get to a heated pool is a pain. (most pools in Orlando are not heated due to the warmer weather) I do have a larger hot tub that I can stretch out in and do some exercises, which helps a little.
    Wish that my insurance would pay for aqua therapy.

  2. Halo_Jones

    I love swimming, but experience the kind of opposite problem: I find it really hard on my feet! Less hard than walking, but still pretty painful. I’ve been told it’s the resistance of the water pressing back against your kicks/strokes. I also have to keep remembering at the end of a tumbletuck turn NOT to try a big push off the side.

    Being in the pool itself is still great, just need to have a nice heated one built next to my bed to skip the getting to and into the pool bit!

  3. Squirrel

    Yeah I try to go swimming once a week. I find it great exercise, the only thing is I can only do breast-stroke and sometimes find that my right knee clicks weirdly when i push off. So I’m always careful to control my movements and not go wild with the kicking. I think the front crawl might be better for my knees so I might learn how to do that this summer. Glad you’re enjoying it, I hope it continues to help!

  4. LynnRivers

    Water is the only way to go! I go at least once a week. I’ve found a friend with back pain who also finds that swimming helps. So we make an afternoon of it and because we’ve made a comitment it keeps us both motivated to keep going. I mostly tread water in the deep end cuase I can’t really swim anymore. The hot tub is really great too!

  5. Trish

    Have been participating in deep water aerobics classes 3 x week, and feel so much better! I still have bad days but no as many and not as severe! Now looking to add swimming 2 x a week because it really has helped. Still hard somedays to pull myself to the pool, but always glad I did!

  6. Stephanie

    Love, love, love to swim! It has been a big part of losing 15 pounds (ten more to go). It is hard on my hands sometimes, and at that point I’ll either run laps in the pool or just use a kickboard. I’d love to find some sort of waterproof splint for freestyle & backstroke.

    In the winter I hit the hot tub (adjacent to the gym pool) before & after swimming. But in the summer heat, it just drains my energy.

    Water aerobics is a terrific workout, too. Unfortunately, the instructor at my gym seems to think she’s teaching pre-school and I just can’t handle it.

  7. Ellen Pringle

    Have to admit joined y by me and love it our instructor has been great, sur ehas done alot for me plus getting me out of the house meeting new people which has been great. Pool therapy TID week and gym BID since I have torn menicus they are excellent with making sire I use proper equipemnt cannot say enought about the Y they are super they BEST LOVE THE POOL GREAT WORK OUT AND GREAT FOR MY ARTHRITES

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