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NegativeOn many occasions during this past week, I experienced negative energy. No, I’m not referring to bad vibes or the opposite of positive thinking. What I mean is fatigue that was so strong, that my energy levels actually dipped down into the negative…sort of like the mercury, here in the southern hemisphere.

All of this was result of a nasty stomach bug that lasted a whopping five days. Never before have I been hit so strong by the stomach flu. And as if often the case whenever I get sick nowadays, my rheumatoid arthritis went absolutely haywire (or on a bender, as Charlie Sheen would say).

It’s funny, how during these episodes, I yearn to return to just having RA. Sure, living with rheumatoid arthritis is chaotic and unpredictable, but it’s amazing how familiar I am with those symptoms. Add anything new to the mix, and it can just seem a little bit…well…overwhelming at times. I had multiple breakdowns this past week, but I always managed to stay connected with my breath…and in a matter of fifteen minutes or so, usually returned to feeling just a little bit better.

I continue to grow used to not being able to move for certain periods of time, usually due to pain or inflammation. It was a new sensation, however, not being able to move because I didn’t even had absolutely no energy. Even the word fatigue didn’t seem like an appropriate descriptor of what I was feeling.

But it’s Friday afternoon, and I’m finally back to my “normal” self. I am once again, dealing with just RA…and for what I know probably won’t last a long time,  it feels like a great thing.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Arlene

    Every time I am sick, I also experience a flare up with my RA as well. I think the word that would best describe your state of fatgue might be lethargic.



  2. Barbarella aka the Mad Cat Lady

    Hey, I´m glad you´re better now! 5 days is a long time being sick, that is, as you say, with something that you´re not familiar with and then seems so much worse than even RA.

    Your mentioning your stomach bug, reminds me that I am travelling to Germany next Tuesday to see my family, and I am rather scared of that horrible new strain of e.coli outbreak over there at the moment, and it´s the region where I will be going, North Germany (I´m sure you heard about that on the news). However, I am trying to stay positive and just use my common sense and extra super heroine hygiene (and avoiding the foods they recommend not to eat etc.), so wish me luck that my weakened immune system will stand this test! 🙂

  3. Kel Bolden

    That’s funny…..this past week I have been I’ll at my stomach. I think I had food poising and the term I used was “hit by semi” because that’s how bad I hurt. Every night tears every mornig more tears. Now o just want the tummy troubles to go away, so I too can back to living with RA!

  4. Bernadine

    Seems everyone is getting some kind of stomach bug. What hurts me is my husband had knee replacement a week ago. He was supposed to go to a rehab facility, partly on my behalf but also because my husband has diabetes and other health issues and weighs 290lbs. Well they sent him home on a Monday (a holiday). I had to get my daughter and her boyfriend to help get him in the house. They didn’t arrange for rehab, only home health, and sent him home with diarrea. We had no special toilet for him to use so you can imagine how exhausted I had become. So when I woke up this morning in a sweat and chilled, I knew what was coming next. Diarrea seems to escalate every other symptom of RA and true, fatigue doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt.

  5. Deborah

    Just want to say…keep feeling better. We can’t have our super ra guy down and out for too long. I look forward to your blog posts. One would think with ra our immune systems could fight off the world but with alot of the dmrads our systems are suppressed and I think we can get a worse case scenerio of what others seem to handle more easily. You just keep on keeping on and doing your normal ra thing. And welcome back to the “normal” ra world.

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