Creaky Joints: Peer Mentoring With Dr. Laura

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Peer Mentoring Program Featuring Sara Nash June 22nd, 5:30 EST Join Dr. Laurie in an intimate, peer mentoring conversation over the phone with other CJ members! Space is limited. This year Creaky Joints will have peer hosts who will introduce the topics and offer their perspective, while Dr. Ferguson moderates. The purpose of the call is to build support and …

Rheumatoid Arthritis Takes Toll On Young Adults

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By JANE E. ALLEN, ABC News Medical Unit June 16, 2011 In the summer between high school and college, Angela Lundberg saw a life full of possibilities turn into one of limitations when doctors explained that the pain that had started in her feet and spread to her fingers came from rheumatoid arthritis. “The only person I knew who had …

I ♥ Winter

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Even though the official start of winter is still a few days away (I’m in the southern hemisphere), the fact of the matter is that I have been experiencing cold weather since the end of April. And yes, the temperature/forecast on the right is real and current; I just grabbed this image as I sat here typing these words. For …

Lebanon: Walkathon To Face Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Contribute to face Rheumatoid Arthritis. Join us on Sunday June 19th at Beirut Souks and pick up your Walkathon T-Shirt. •Gathering at 10:00AM in Tripoli Square near Ajami Square of Beirut Souks •Join us for the START Group Picture at 10:10AM •It is a morning walk of 1km around the streets of Beirut Souks •Invite your friends and family members …

Chronic Pain Blog

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Chronic Pain Wizard …the sometimes bitter, often sarcastic, always wry musings of the chronic pain wizard. Cheating circa 1990: Having two ice cream sundaes after dinner. Cheating circa 2011: Taking the wrist splint off a week early. Rocking it on the wild side, baby! (Yes, you may laugh at me too.) Read More: Thanks to Amanda for the hat-tip!