The Ignored Majority – The Voice of Arthritis 2011

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Report estimates there are two million six hundred thousand (2.6 million) Australians with inadequate care, who are needlessly suffering pain, have difficulty getting about and are being disadvantaged at work. They feel let down by general practitioners, specialists and the health care system.

“It’s shameful,” says Professor Patrick McNeil, President of Arthritis Australia. “We commissioned a high quality survey representative of Australians living with arthritis and found that you can compare three people with the same kind of arthritis, of the same severity, who’ve had it for the same length of time and have the same level of education and income – yet their arthritis has very different effects on their lives at home and work. The ones who do worse have less access to general practitioners (GPs), physiotherapists and specialists, appear to be receiving less adequate care when they do see these clinicians, have less access to information about their arthritis and are spending more money out of pocket on getting treated. And ultimately they are going to cost more to treat.”

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Arthritis statistics

Nearly one in five Australians has arthritis. Arthritis impacts directly on 3.85 million Australians (or 18.5 per cent of the population) and indirectly on their businesses, colleagues, friends and family. By 2050, it is projected there will be 7 million Australians with arthritis.

Arthritis costs the economy about $23.9 billion a year.

Emotionally and socially, the hidden costs of arthritis are immeasurable.

Arthritis is Australia’s major cause of disability and pain and was declared a National Health Priority in 2002.

aq_logoArthritis Queensland is a partnership between people who have, or at risk of, arthritis and osteoporosis and their carers. We are united in our passion that people who have, or at risk of, arthritis and osteoporosis will have access to and participate in every part of life they choose.

We work to understand the daily challenges people must overcome and work with them to achieve the outcomes they want – whether that’s coping better with their pain, better managing their wellbeing, maintaining their independence, or keeping their job.

Information – download one of our information sheets on arthritis or request one of our free booklets on arthritis or osteoporosis.

Education – Education seminars for the general public and also health professionals are held regularly throughout Queensland on both arthritis and osteoporosis. See our events page for more details.

Support – Arthritis Queensland endorse many support groups throughout Queensland. To find the nearest support group to you, visit our support group page.

Research – Arthritis Queensland contributes significant research funding into the search for a cure for rheumatoid arthritis. This initiative is conducted in partnership with the University of Queensland and the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Arthritis Queensland contributes annually to the Arthritis Australia Research fund.

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