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Real Profiles of Rheumatoid Arthritis
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Jordan Lynne




Los Angeles, California, United States

How long have you lived with RA?

7 years and I have uveitis.

What advice would you give to someone who has just been diagnosed with RA?

Don’t think that it stops you from doing things you like. There are ways to treat your JRA. Do all the things you like but if it hurts you may want to stop and rest.

Do you use any mobility aids?

Daddy carries me if I hurt.

How has living with RA helped to improve your life?

I don’t give up.

Do you have any visible signs of RA?

I have 2 scars on my right knee from surgery when I was 2 and my knees are bigger then they should be because of the JRA.

Can you please describe some of your favorite coping strategies for living with RA?

I cuddle up with my parents in bed and watch movies. I have a little stuffed dog, Peter, that was given to me as I was coming out of surgery when I was 2 and in the process of being diagnosed. I need Peter and the blanket my mom made me when I’m having a bad day.

Can you please describe your current medical (traditional and alternative) treatments?

Remicade, CellCelt, naproxen, pred drops too when my eyes are flaring and physical therapy.

Is there anything else about yourself that you would like to share?

When I’m sad I always pick myself back up. I try not to keep myself sad about having JRA.

Jordan blogs at Warrior for JRA and also has her multiple videos available on YouTube.