Alive In Wonderland: Kids Get Arthritis, Too

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Kids get arthritis, too. Did you know that? Neither did we until our 10-year-old daughter, Emily, was diagnosed two weeks ago with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA).

The US has over 250,000 new cases of JRA every year, but when it’s your own kid, that number becomes personal. We were stunned. Who knew?

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  1. daina

    I was diagnost at arount 5. Now 35. I remember walking the halls of the children’s hospital and seeing a poster that said “this little old lady has arthritis” the “little old lady” was around four yrs old.

  2. katie

    I was diagnosed at 8, and was totally easy to deal with until I turned 18 and things intensified a bit. Blehhhhhhh Screwwwwww RA!

  3. Denine

    I was diagnoised at 3 and am now 46! Tough ride but my family has been strong for me so I have learned to NEVER quit

  4. Katee

    I was diagnosed soon after I turned 11. I’m now 15. It gets easier to deal with and accept as time passes.

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