A ‘Master Key’ To Unlock New Treatments For Autoimmune Disorders

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Imagine a single drug that would treat most, if not all, autoimmune disorders, such as asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, and Lupus. That might not be so hard to do thanks to a team of researchers who have discovered a molecule normally used by the body to prevent unnecessary immune reactions.

This molecule, pronounced “alpha v beta 6,” normally keeps our immune systems from overreacting when food passes through our bodies, and it may be the key that unlocks entirely new set of treatments for autoimmune disorders. This discovery was recently published in research report appearing the Journal of Leukocyte Biology (www.jleukbio.org/).

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  1. Deb aka murphthesurf

    Sure is exciting! And ironically “leaky gut syndrome” which has been professed to contribute to chronic autoimmune conditions takes place in the same area. I am wondering if the two have anything in common? Perhaps those of us with these autoimmune illnesses have malfunctioning alpha v beta 6 or our trigger damaged these little bots somehow. In any case, any and all research that will bring us all closer to a cure is surely exciting in my book. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Linda P.

    Most interesting. In the early days after diagnosis, I tried an elimination diet, sure that the “leaky gut syndrome” was at work and that I would find a food trigger and cure myself. That didn’t happen, but Enbrel and Plaquenil are making a difference after a failure with methotrexate. This article makes me wonder, though, if, once the overreaction got out of whack, elimination of the original trigger wasn’t enough. I wonder if it might be time to try an elimination diet again now that the medications have tentatively quieted the disease. Then I think, there I go down a rabbit hole again, thinking I’m to blame–although I was vegan, a jogger, living a balanced life before one day last October when this hit–and thinking I can cure myself. Most interesting research, though.

  3. Roberta Cofie

    Thanks for this – I caught the tail end of a news report on this and then couldn’t find any further reference to it – thought I had been dreaming! I have a number of Autoimmune problems and every year seems to present a new one – it is very scary and limiting, not to mention painful and debilitating. Luckily the treatment I am having for each of the problems is currently helping a lot but the thought of a “switch” to turn it all off is, of course, what we all dream of. Here’s hoping!

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