Rheumatoid Arthritis Is A Real Pain In The…Hip

RA Guy Adventures of RA Guy

Even though I didn’t mention as much here on my blog, most people who follow me on either Facebook or Twitter are probably already familiar with the fact that I was flaring this past weekend. On the scale of flares it certainly wasn’t one of the worst that I’ve had, but then again that doesn’t necessarily say too much…as each and every flare is indeed its own event.

Earlier today, on my way to my Monday morning physical therapy session (trust me, it’s the best way ever to start the week!) I noticed a new pain; a pain that I was quite unfamiliar with. You see, while over the past few years I’ve had pain in almost every joint in my body (including me jaws), there was one set of joints that had not been affected by pain and inflammation: my hips.

They were sort of like the Switzerland of my autoimmine-ravaged body: 100% neutral, and completely happy to be so!

And just this past weekend, as I was showing my RA Bingo (Flare!) to a friend, I quietly chuckled to myself and wondered if I would ever be able to mark the squares labeled “right hip” or “left hip”.

This morning, I got my “wish”. My hips were flaring…for the first time ever. And just how I’ve learned to distinguish shoulder pain from elbow pain from wrist pain from finger pain from knee pain from ankle pain from shoulder pain, and so on and so on, I’m now learning exactly what it means to have hip pain. (On a serious note, there’s actually something to be said for trying to differentiate these different pains…for me, it seems much more manageable than trying to deal with one overwhelming swath of pain.)

And let me just say, if your hips are one of the joints where RA attacks the most, I now have nothing but the utmost admiration for you. You are, indeed, my superhero.

Now I know, pain in any of the joints can be quite excruciating…but even with all of the problems along the entire length of my left leg, I’ve never quite been in the situation–as I was earlier–where I couldn’t even lie comfortably on my back. Just the pressure being exerted on my hip bone by the weight of my leg seemed too much to bear, and was quite difficult to alleviate.

Luckily, I was (once again) in physical therapy when this new pain presented itself. Rheumatoid arthritis can be many things, but today I learned that it can certainly be, among others, a real pain in the…hip! (Although at times I’d like to use another three-letter word to describe it…)

On the bright side, at least my chances of winning at RA Bingo have now increased. Blackout, anyone?

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!