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RA Guy Adventures of RA Guy

A few days ago, I found myself standing directly in front of another major flare. I knew exactly what was in store for me; there was no way to avoid what was going to happen during the next hour or so.

A funny thing happened though. Instead of getting panicked, I decided to get prepared.

I told myself to latch onto something that would help pull me through the extreme pain that I was soon going to experience; something that I could focus on in order stay oriented while being thrust into the confusion that often accompanies major flares. On this particular morning, that something happened to be the thought of my afternoon tutoring sessions with my students.

And right at that moment, I laughed to myself. You see, my mental thoughts had transformed into visual images of alligators, trap doors, scorpions, and ladders. I could get through this, as long as I concentrated. Grabbing onto that rope that was now hanging in front of me, and swinging across some of the upcoming rough patches, would no doubt make things just a little bit easier.

I was actually living inside a game of ‘Pitfall’, one of my absolutely most favorite video games from the early ’80s. (Let’s hear is for pixelated graphics!) And in a weird sort of way, it was actually sort of fun.

Most importantly, it worked. I got through my flare, more easily that I ever had before.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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