Paul Burstow MP – World Arthritis Day: Webchat With NRAS And CSP

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Health Minister Paul Burstow MP looks ahead to live webchat on Wednesday 12th October for World Arthritis Day

“I don’t pretend to be an expert on every condition, though I do understand the devastating impact which rheumatoid arthritis can have on people if it is not identified promptly or managed effectively. Nor do I have any desire to micromanage the professionals at the front line – the doctors, the nurses, the physiotherapists or the self-help groups who directly provide the services to support patients. My job is to help create an environment in which excellent local services can flourish and to ensure that there are no barriers to prevent the provision of high quality care. I am therefore very keen to hear about your experience of living with rheumatoid arthritis and about your access to the services you need.”

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How to take part in the webchat

If you have a question about access to physiotherapy, or about services for rheumatoid arthritis more generally, please comment here Alternatively you can tweet your question, mentioning @dhgovuk and using the hashtag: #raphysio.

You will also be able to ask questions and leave comments live during the webchat on October 12, so don’t forget to tune in on the day using the address above.