ThriveWithRA: Employment in Hiding: The Reality Of A Chronically Ill Person’s Need For Job Preservation

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“My name is ‘With RA’ – ‘Thrive With RA™.’ This James Bond-like introduction is offered in jest; however, using my Rheumatoid Arthritis Community Name as my identifier – a pseudonym – is entirely serious, out of necessity of preservation. The need for this anonymity is because I am a Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient, am still employed, receive health insurance from my employer, want to preserve the option to cultivate opportunities for employment without prejudice and maintain my health care economically. I am not the only person that has chosen this route. Sadly, there are many suffering from illness in the world who also lead a ‘covert op’ as part of their lifestyle every day. It’s not being disingenuous or untrue to oneself, but rather, a necessary method in the madness that is the reality of dealing with injustice against those living with illness of any kind, or disability.”

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