Happy World Arthritis Day!

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Today, in honor of World Arthritis Day 2011, I’m going to start working on a new personal challenge…and I’d like to invite my readers to participate as well. Yes, rheumatoid arthritis has taken away a lot from our lives…but I think it’s about time that we start taking back what’s ours…one thing at a time!

Will you join me in this World Arthritis Day challenge? 

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  1. Pamela

    I am reclaiming my good humor! Depression is, well, depressing! I am going to work at seeing the good in everyday and work past the bad stuff! I will be a ray of sunshine! Hee hee, even if there are days my ray has to filter through the clouds!

  2. Daina

    Thanks for this RA Guy! I am reclaiming my friendships. I will be a better friend to all those who have been amazing friends to me through everything. And I will make new friends and try to help them through their struggles, whatever they may be!!

  3. Ronie

    I am reclaiming ME. After a botched hip replacement, I have not been me. but I need to get it together and start living my life again!!! One limping step at a time!! Happy World Arthritis Day!!!

  4. Gillian

    I am reclaiming my figure!! Being more inactive due to hip issues I’m a little more squidgy that I want to be so I’ve started swimming again and doing yoga & I’m taking back my slim figure that I’ve always had. Good luck everyone in taking back what is rightfully ours.

  5. Terez

    I am going to continue to talk openly about RA and spread Awareness to friends, family and strangers. It is not your Grandma’s Arthritis! I will reclaim my forever fighting body in taking better care of myself through resting when I need to and exercising when I am able!

  6. Miriam

    I am happy that we are making people aware that we dont look sick, but deep inside we are in pain. I am happy for Rheumatiod Arthritis Guy!! He is truly my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Bernadine

    No matter how many times RA or fibro or whatever else chooses to come my way and try to know me down, I’m determined to keep getting back up and moving forward. Exercise and my faith in Christ have done more to preserve my sanity and give me a sense of well-being that when I’m hit hard and knocked down and know in my heart and in my mind that I can rise again. I also made it a point to reach out and find support not only from family and friends but from those who suffer from this disease and that has also made it easier to cope and I find that now I’m where I can start to give back to others what so many have given to me — HOPE!

  8. Barbora

    I really do celebrate world arthritis day… today I was OFFICIALY DIAGNOSED with RA (but lived with it for longer) 🙂 ain´t that crazy accident? 🙂

  9. Lana

    Thanks RA Guy for this post. I always say that for everything RA took, I took something back. RA took away my career plans, so I made different plans. RA took away from my time and so I made better use of my time. RA took away certain interests so I gained new ones. The one area that RA kept winning was my health and in the last few months, I have worked to lose some of the weight I have gained since RA came into my life four years ago. I made better choices and I have lost 20 pounds and I have at least 30 or more to go. The weight loss isn’t the plus – the fact that I am making better food choices and exercises is. I am reclaiming my body and I refuse to let RA take it from me again.

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