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It’s definitely been hard work but we strongly believe that for patients with chronic rheumatic disease, optimum care can only be delivered by a coordinated, multi-disciplinary service. No one allied health professional or doctor can reasonably meet all the needs of the patient. It makes sense to team up health professionals in the same location for added convenience. This then translates to improved patient compliance and improved communication between the team members.

At BJC Health, we call this approach, Connected Care. Connected Care for better patient outcomes.

On one of my slides, I raised the question “Why Bother?”

The final word on this will go to RA Guy:

“When you live with a chronic illness like rheumatoid arthritis, going to all of your different health care appointments can easily feel like a full time job. And to make the situation even more complicated, everything is usually in a different place. You have to go one place to see your rheumatologist, another place to get physical therapy, another place to exercise, another place to get your lab work done, another place to see your psychologist, and so on, and so on.

As I commute from one place to another day after day, I often start to daydream. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of these services in one place?”

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  1. Deb aka abcsofra

    I would so love for this approach to be here in Wilmington but it is not. I am left to my own wondering demise. In California, over 12 years ago when I was first diagnosed I had this type of care center. It was run by an insurance company of all things and it was fantastic. Everything was pretty much under one roof including the lab, physical therapy, all types of doctors, xrays, etc. I loved that place! But alas we had to move and I have never had such fortune again.

  2. M. Allport

    Dear RA guy,
    This would be a great approach. I might not feel so exhausted if all the services were in one location. I think all people with chronic illnesses would feel the same way, not just those with RA.

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