House With ZERO Stairs

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© Sebastian Oleksik

Architects: Przemek Kaczkowski & Ola Targonska
Location: Wroclaw, Poland

The clients, a middle-aged couple, approached us with one definite request – they wanted to build a house with no stairs, a house that would be equally practical and enjoyable when they get old. The site offered no obvious clues – a flat piece of land in a second line of buildings, in a suburban part of the city of Wroclaw, among disappearing traces of a rural past, surrounded by a chaotic mix of houses of all styles, materials and conditions.

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  1. Thrive with RA™

    What a creative medium architecture is — part art, part vehicle for a raw need for a basic necessity. What a treat it is when practicality and beauty are blended into one, cohesive dwelling!

    Green and universal design are abiding interests of mine, as are historical architecture and preservation. Had I embraced math more fully in high school, I would have pursued architecture as a career. Instead, I will write about it. 🙂

    Two of my sons are showing an interest in architecture, are highly-creative and are very advanced in math (right- and left-brained tendencies can and DO co-exist!). I am trying my best not to influence their career path, but I would be thrilled to observe and perhaps one day collaborate on innovative buildings or homes.

    This building reminds me a bit of your Wellness Center in aesthetics. 🙂

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