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Last night, I shared on Facebook and Twitter that I have just received a letter from Macy’s, informing me that my suggestion to include an ‘RA Guy’ balloon in this year’s Thanksgiving Day parade had been rejected.

Of course, all of this was just a joke…but how cool would have that been, having an 80-foot Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy floating down Central Park West? Little kids watching on television, screaming to their parents that this is the superhero action figure that they want for Christmas! (And kids who already have the action figure asking: Mommy, why don’t his knees bend?) And while some of the cartoon characters that float down the street during this parade look outright puffy, RA Guy would fit right in. (It’s the prednisone, of course.)

And it’s not as if my buddy Superman really needs to be in the parade each and every year…but don’t get me started.

But there is a way that Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy can be part of your upcoming Thanksgiving festivities, and it won’t even take too much time or effort. Here’s all you have to do: print out my ’60-Second Guide to RA’ (here’s the pdf version, ready for quick and easy printing), and share it with friends and family members. It’s perfect for those supportive people in our lives who really do want to learn more about our illness. And for those less-supportive people who “just don’t get it,” well…it’s perfect for them as well.

And to preempt those eye-rolls from the person at the table who is thinking “here he/she goes again, always talking about his/her rheumatoid arthritis”, it might be worth trying a different pitch this time around, such as:

Have you heard about the newest superhero in town? Word has it that he was invited to participate in today’s parade…but he was just too busy battling the pain and inflammation villains to get away. Maybe next year, though, maybe next year!

Now, that will get their attention, old and young alike…guaranteed!

Have a wonderful and safe week of Thanksgiving preparations!

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Cathy

    I can see it now. The kids see the awesome RA Guy and say, “Mom, can I have RA when I grow up?” Sorry, but you just have a way of making RA look so cool. 🙂

    Actually, I love the idea. Also, I do often have computer issues (well, personal issues with the computer) but I couldn’t get the Spanish version to print. Is it just me?

  2. Erika

    OH MY GOODNESS! I love this! My brother and his son, my nephew, are SOOOO much into super heroes and I think this may help RA “click” in my brother’s mind as to what RA is! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  3. Lana

    I am with Cathy on this one! You make RA look so good! Yes, it is a good idea to bring this discussion to the table. Even though I received my diagnosis late September 2008, I kept it from my family until Thanksgiving that year. It would have helped to have brought your guides along for that dinner time conversation because I got all the misconceptions about RA that day (“You are too young to have that!” “That is an old people’s disease!” “Some joint supplements will get you back to normal!”, etc.) A lot has changed since then and while there are few stragglers, most of them get what RA is about now.

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